The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I know most of you secretly laughed.

When you read about Ian building me the tomato towers, you were snickering, oh I heard you IG, don’t think for a minute I didn’t.

Eight feet, eight feet, is she crazy. Who would expect a tomato plant to get eight feet in the air? They are way too tall.

Well, you can stop laughing now. Look at them.

I didn’t get up to Kilbourne Grove for a couple of weeks and they got away from me.

I expect them to eat the house next.

But at least they are ripening.

It’s eat or be eaten, I know what I choose!

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  1. 1

    gardeningasylum said,

    Oh those look great! Design-wise, I love that bluey grey against the brick with pops of red tomatoes 🙂

  2. 3

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Both you and IG seem to be in the giant vegetable growing business!! Whatever next? Will it be the giant onion, the pumpkin to outdo all others at Halloween, the cucumber longer than the street………..As I constantly remind vegetable growers who complain that the produce has ‘got away from them’, there are shops!!

    I do like the tomato towers, however, and would love to steal them for using as Clematis supports.

  3. 5

    fairegarden said,

    Ah, Deborah, nothing grows like those little yellow tomatoes! They are indeed killers and might indeed eat the house next. The towers are beautiful, with or without plants on them. 🙂

  4. 7

    Marguerite said,

    Gorgeous and edible, what more could you ask for? I have a Sweet Millions cherry tomato plant that’s doing something similar only in a more horizontal fashion. It’s now taken up about 6 feet of an 8 foot long raised bed.

  5. 9

    Laurrie said,

    Yikes! I’m impressed. But really, what impresses me most are the beautiful blue gray towers… those are wonderful structures, especially against the warm brick.

  6. 11

    thevioletfern said,

    Again, what beautiful towers! And they look sturdy enough for climbing – which you are going to have to do to pick those way at the top!

  7. 13

    The tomato tree is great. Happy as can be. I really like that trellis, the form and the COLOR. My poor potted tomato should be so lucky.

  8. 15

    debsgarden said,

    Looks like those tomatoes are trying to get in your window! This just shows that if you build it, they will climb! They must be very happy in that environment.

  9. 17

    Impressive!! But a little scary lol…

  10. 19

    Racquel said,

    I for one wasn’t laughing Deborah cause my tomatoes are out of control too. And unfortunately I don’t have 8 ft towers to contain them. 😉

  11. 21

    Eight feet? That’s a challenge I’m ready to accept.

    I actually chopped my tomatoes back when the weather turned, because I wanted a few to ripen. I have one that has invaded the side of the house, so I let that one go it’s own way.

    I’m eating my first ones tonight, with my one and only cucumber!

  12. 23

    I love your tomato towers, and think they’re the perfect height. We actually need to make ours taller next year. A healthy happy tomato can often reach 8 feet. I’m jealous yours are ripening though as you’re quite a way further north than us!

  13. 25

    Janie said,

    I love it! Our nights are now over 90 degrees F, pretty consistently, so my tomatoes are done for the spring garden. I have seeds in for the fall garden. I love to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. The towers look like what Bobby would build for me. You could try cucumbers on them too.

    Indeterminate tomatoes will just keep on growing, so long as it doesn’t get too hot at night, or they don’t get killed by disease, flood or drought. Some will easily reach 12′! They are a vine, after all.

    I love the blue paint, too. Good job!

  14. 27

    Oh my! Love the blue color. My Sun Gold tomato plant is above my head now, even after cutting back. So it doesn’t surprise me too much. I guess the biggest surprise is that I expected tomatoes so far north to stay a bit shorter!

    • 28

      Jean, I am a huge fan of colour in the garden, my husband wanted to leave them natural, but I pervailed. I wish that I could have found Sun Gold plants, had to make do with Sun Sugar.

  15. 29

    Beautiful, decorative and useful tomato towers. I have 3 towers that Ted made for me, not painted, but I use them year after year. This year one of them has pole beans. But, yours are much, much prettier

  16. 31

    Mama Ecolo said,

    Oh wow. Those are terrific!

  17. 33

    I am completely green with envy! At this point I’ve still got quite a wait for the last frosts 😦 Having said that, the tomato does look a little like it is reaching out toward that window…

  18. 35

    Lynne said,

    Wow is all I can think of to say. 8 ft and growing! What are you feeding them on? Have any cats or small dogs gone missing in your parts lately? Just joking, of course, but really – what DO you feed them….:-/

    • 36

      Lynne, I haven’t fed them anything, I kept wondering if I should add some manure to the soil. However, I must tell you, the house used to be owned by a doctor, and he had his surgery here………

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