That magical hour, when everything  (including me) looks so much better in the garden, no harsh glare, just flattering shadows.

Compare these two pictures of the same spot in my garden,

this one was taken during the harsh light of the day,

And then the magic hour,

wait, do you need another look at it,

So far, I am pretty happy with the way this section of the garden has turned out, however there is always room for improvement.

So far, I have Hakonechloa macro ‘Albo striata’, Hosta ‘White Feather’, Berberis ‘Royal Cloak’, a mini variegated bamboo, name unknown (but planted in a pot, just in case), Regale lily, Sedum sieboldii,  self seeded foxglove and an Anchusa, also unknown variety.

What do you think it needs?


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, This is charming! And not just at twilight. You have a wide range in this border of interesting plants which very clearly are well grown and thriving. I do like the way that the Berberis extends itself over and across the perennials, shooting them through in effect with touches of purple. For my part I should not add to this, except in kind, but allow for the plants themselves to increase, either naturally or by division.

  2. 3

    Laurrie said,

    I actually like your garden in both lights… the daytime is bold and sunny yellowy, and the evening photo is moody and deeper colored. I love that hakone grass. All your composition needs is a bold glossy leaf, like Bergenia or European ginger tucked in around the other plants.

    • 4

      Funnily enough Laurrie, I actually have some European ginger on the other side of the Hakonechloa. It is starting to seed around in my garden, so I should have lots to go around.

  3. 5

    Sandra Jonas said,

    Beautiful in both, but have to admit twilight is my favorite. There seems to be something magical in the quality of evening light. I would add more lilies. Lots.

    Also I hope your little bamboo does not get its roots through the pot into the soil…

  4. 7

    Hi Deborah,
    It is amazing how the cool colors are almost harsh in the bright sunlight… almost looks like a flash went off. I love the blue greens of twilight and this part of your garden looks lush and lovely … love it as it is and all will fill out in time. ;>)

  5. 9

    Beautiful grouping, it looks good both ways but the twilight does add an extra je ne c’est quoi! The lily is so strilking. 🙂

  6. 11

    Elephant's Eye said,

    It needs – to be admired – in the twilight!

  7. 13

    noel said,


    yes twilight and morning are my favorite times of the day to take some amazing photos and also to see the garden in a different light…there’s nothing like capturing that special essence of one’s garden at just the right moment and these timeframes really add magic to one’s world….nicely done!

  8. 15

    teza said,

    Dearest D:
    I like to refer to this time of day as ‘the gloaming’ when a magical hue descends upon the garden, casting it in those magical blue, grey and silver tones. As someone earluer mentioned, the only thing it needs is to be basked within for its sheer beauty. You have created a truly magical pocket for sure!

  9. 17

    Strange you should post about this. Last night we had the most unusual twilight. We had thunderstorms passing through, and just before sunset, the sun’s rays got mixed in the storm clouds and refracted everywhere, casting everything in a bright yellow light. The clouds turned interesting hues of blue, green, yellow and gold. I was too taken by it to even think of taking a photograph. It’s also the sort of thing you can’t photograph, if you know what I mean. It was so beautiful and eerie.

    • 18

      It sounds so lovely Susan, sometimes you get so caught up in the moment, you totally forget about a photograph, and sometimes they scouldn’t even do it justice.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I hope to see you again soon.

  10. 19

    PatioPatch said,

    Love the muted tones of your twilight with its restful atmosphere, when plants and gardener can take a deep breath and just say ‘Aah’


  11. 21

    thevioletfern66 said,

    How interesting to see both times of day. It really “sheds a new light” on the garden. I think twilight is magical, as is early morning. But you also have to appreciate a sunny day. Your garden looks great in both photos! I love your combination of plants. Of course, I am always OVER planting (because I am an addict) and I would have to add another hint of that purple – especially near the beautiful grass or the bamboo – like ligularia, chocolate joe pye, rodgersia … but also have been pining for wild ginger. Oh, you’ve got me going now!

    • 22

      It is amazing what a difference in colour the light makes. Thanks for the compliments, I am blushing. Just on the other side of the bamboo is ‘Plum Pudding’ heuchera, love purple and gold.

  12. 23

    Racquel said,

    What a difference the lighting makes huh? 🙂

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