My (Secret) Obsession

 I am obsessed (or is that possessed)! It is probably no secret to any one who reads my blog.

What am I obsessed with this time you ask?

Are you going on and on about snowdrops again?

NO, much as I would like too, they are safely asleep and so are safe from me.

My new obsession is Hakonechloa.

Probably not so new to anyone who read my two previous posts about them, here and here. But I have something new, yes that is right, a new hakonechloa.

Wait, I am such a tease. I actually have two new hakonechloas.

My first is Hakonechloa macro “Fubuki”.  Much as I love to say Fubuki over and over again(and especially to Ian if he gives me some ‘tude), it actually translates to “Snow Storm”.  A lovely, short and upright white and green beauty, I have planted him beside a blue hosta. I think that it brings out his inner beauty.

Ah, such a beauty.

My next lovely is ‘Beni Kaze’, a weeping olive wonder who goes red in the autumn. His alias is ‘Red Wind’, I am hoping to see if he lives up to his name.

(Not sure what is happening with my geranium “Rozanne” this year(can you see her behind Beni, she has not flowered yet and her foliage is turning red, any one know what is up with her?)

These two stunners have joined the rest of my family, macro, Albostriata, Aureola and All Gold.  I seem to be working on the National Collection of hakonechloas (except we don’t have that in Canada). As far as I can tell, I only need Nicholas and Naomi and I will have them all.

Unless you know of more varieties?

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  1. 1

    ellada said,

    Let me tell you, that you have a nice obsession.

  2. 3

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I should not say obsession, more enthusiasm, since that is what I always associate with you in particular in relation to all matters gardening. So refreshing!

    I agree with you that the Hakonechloas are pretty and, for me, grow well in pots which can be moved into position as and where needed for a little razzamatazz!!

    • 4

      That is a lovely compliment Edith, thank you very much.
      When I live at Kilbourne Grove full time (and will be able to water) I will try them in pots, I have some long Tom that they would look gorgeous in.

  3. 5

    gardeningasylum said,

    I like Edith’s idea of portable razzmatazz! Mine are in the ground, and there are never enough for me. Only 2 varieties here, ‘Aureola’ and ‘All Gold.’ Rozanne is a dud here, don’t get all the hype.

    • 6

      Cyndy, I think that I will have to try that when I can have containers again, now I am not up north to water them on a regular basis. So mine are in the ground as well. Rozanne was brilliant for me last year, this year just sulking, can’t figure her out.

  4. 7

    Oh, you lucky stiff. Did you pick up those Hakonechloeas at East of Eliza? Does the first one have red stems? Flutter on, my heart. If I had the courage, I’d look for myself. However, my garden has proven itself to be a hakone grass graveyard — not consistently moist enough, and just too much stuff.

    Your Rozanne thinks it’s autumn, I think. Perhaps it has been stressed by the heat wave this year. My Rozanne has never been anything special, yet a friend of mine bought one at my recco and it looks fabulous. Sometimes, it must the be individual specimen that’s a dud.

    • 8

      No, I actually got these at Plant World. I am lucky(?) as my garden is fairly empty, no competition so they should be happy.
      Last year Rozanne flowered her little heart out, I was so impressed, this year….should I tell her it is only July?

  5. 9

    debsgarden said,

    Beni Kazi is beautiful! I am not familiar with these plants. They look like a grass. Do they spread like a grass? How tall do they get? Do they they like humid heat? Can I grow them?!!!

    • 10

      Sorry, Deborah, I have written about them before, so I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to repeat myself too often. They are a grass, low and moundy, probably get about 12-18inches tall and love a dampish, partly shady area. Not sure how they deal with humid heat, although we get a lot of that here, I am sure it is not quite as hot, lol.

  6. 11

    teza said,

    Who says Canadians cannot have national collections? I think it is a splendid idea. I realize that I am far behind in keeping up with the Hakonechloa’s….. truth be known I only grow ‘All Gold’. Tried Beni Kaze, Naomi and Nicholas and was disappointed to see them sputter and fail, but then again I think they were all suffocated out by more rambunctuous neighbors come to think of it. Keep us updated on this interesting and worthy national collection! Obsession/Possession, methinks this would make a great title for a gardening tome on KG!

  7. 13

    Laurrie said,

    Ah, your Beni Kaze… so that’s what it looks like! My Beni Kaze is stubble, all three have been sheared to the ground all year by rabbits and they look like nothing. I too just discovered hakonecholas although they have been used in gardens for a while. I have two others not eaten up and they are lovely. Yours will truly reward you.

    • 14

      Oh no Laurrie!!! I have been chasing a rabbit round and round in my garden, (I am sure the neighbours think I am crazy, even crazier then they already think I am), but he has not touched my grass yet. He does like bergenia I have found.

  8. 15

    Alice Joyce said,

    Your obsession is shared… fully understood!
    Hakonechloa is queen of the garden as far as I’m concerned. And not just me! Yesterday I read a quote from another garden writer about it being THE most beautiful grass.

    ‘Beni Kaze’ is new to me. I must have it!! xo Alice

  9. 17

    Wow, Snow Storm is gorgeous! And I can see that it would be fun to say Fubuki often lol. Not sure about Rozanne, but I’ve had quite a few smaller perennials that haven’t flowered well, or at all. My geranium turns red in the fall, so maybe that’s what she’s doing now?

  10. 19

    Racquel said,

    I can see why you are obsessed with these pretty plants, they prefer shade right? Hmm…need to find some room for one or two of these in my own garden. 😉

  11. 21

    Wendy said,

    I think you should definitley collect them all!

    I have benikaze too and I love it. That’s fun to say too. Maybe start that when saying fubuki gets old.

    Do you have/like Northern sea oats? That’s also very nice – year round interest.

  12. 23

    Gail said,

    Deborah~ A quick answer, then I must get on the road~Helen, Toronto gardens says try this for crocus Tommies! gail

  13. 25

    Kyna said,

    Fubuki is now my favourite new swear word.


  14. 27

    Marguerite said,

    I think I’ve found another new favourite plant thanks to you. What will the clerk say when I ask them for Fubuki? 🙂

  15. 29

    Lynn said,

    I have been lusting after Hakonechloa for some time now. I try to restrain myself because purchasing is one thing and planting is entirely another. That Fubuki is to die for!

  16. 31

    Jen said,

    I totally understand obsessions, especially about grasses.


  17. 33

    […] Plumeria is the Latin or Botanical name, but I just love saying frangipani over and over again, especially if I stub my toe while hiking. My other word, as some of you may remember, is Fubuki. […]

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