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It is amazing how you taste changes as you get older.  Not for the worse, not for the better, but just changes.  When I was younger I was very traditional. If it was a painting, I wanted a lovely botanical, or a gentle landscape. In sculpture, a classical statue or a wonderful urn.

But thing change.  Now I am starting to be attracted to more modern art. I am not sure why, is it exposure?  I still like traditional, but whereas I wouldn’t even look at modern before, now I find myself seeking it out.

Take the new exhibit at the Toronto Sculpture Garden for example.

Cast in aluminum and perched on chunky wooden benches, these “faces” by Ted Bieler are amazing.

Shown in a very traditional setting, this area is part of “Old Town”, the first buildings in Toronto.

This little parkette has brick walls, a water feature and lovely traditional plantings.

And I think that these sculptures add to the design.

I can see them in public and private gardens.

This one is my favourite. I think it would look lovely at the end of my Lime Walk, on a plinth, where I can look at it everyday.

The Toronto Sculpture Gardens is located at 115 King St E, the cross street is Jarvis.

Please visit it, the display is only there until September 15th.


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  1. 1

    These are very nice, one of the things i love about modern landscape sculpture is that in doesn’t look out of place in any landscape emvoriment!

  2. 3

    Um interesting, but disturbing. Would like to visit an exhibition, but not to live with it, in my garden. We once went to an English garden, to see the Veiled Lady. A stone carving from Italy. Fascinating from a certain distance, but up close, the details of her face broke down, as these faces are broken.

  3. 5

    Jenana said,

    I’m the opposite… as I get older, I find myself more drawn to the traditional. When I was younger, I was very much attracted to modern and contemporary art. Lovely garden, I love the sculptures!

  4. 7

    Jennifer said,

    I like the sculptures in your post.
    When it comes to contemporary verses traditional, I have always had a bit of a split personality. I am the kind of person who puts a abstract, contemporary painting with traditional pieces of furniture. My older house seems to demand a more traditional approach to garden ornaments, but even so, I tend to choose things that have cleaner lines- there’s no Venus in my garden!

  5. 9

    Grace said,

    Well, art is definitely subjective. We all have our preferences and sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly what it is about a piece that makes us happy. I’m just glad there are so many choices, you know? Hooray for the artists who follow their heart so that we can follow ours.

  6. 11

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I agree with you that these sculptures are absolutely wonderful. Striking, dramatic and thought provoking, any one [ or indeed several ] would look marvellous in any garden setting. Yes, yes, yes, one as a focal point of your Lime Walk – perfect!!

    Since being in Budapest, I have become acquainted with contemporary Hungarian artists whose work was previously unknown to me. There are many pieces of sculpture, paintings and, even, media installations that I should love to own. As you say, everything changes…..

    • 12

      Dearest E, I am glad that you like this artist, his pieces are certainly dramatic. I think it would be a very striking focal point, hopefully I can afford something like this when the time comes.

  7. 13

    Racquel said,

    Very modern and interesting looking sculptures. 🙂

  8. 15

    Laurrie said,

    Although the materials are modern, these sculptures are actually very classical — the head in profile, the bust statue. You’ve remained true to your traditional roots in admiring classicism while accepting a modern twist on it!

  9. 17

    Melissa said,

    To me these seem quite Picasso-esque, especially the last one that you would like for your Lime Walk. That one is my favorite too. I do like sculpture in the garden and these are just the right scale for a residential site. Good find! Thanks for sharing.

  10. 19

    Marian said,

    I think it would look great at the end of your lime walk. One of my favourite friend’s gardens (funny grammar – but they are both favourites so hey) is in the grounds of an old convent, all green, just grass and limes, and at the end of the avenue a fabulous sculpture – I ‘m going to try to look it out and send it or post it for you. These are great. M

  11. 21

    teza said,

    Now this is an artist that I could sink my teeth [not to metion my entire paycheque] into! There is something about these pieces that remind me that we as gardeners have many faces, all of which appear from time to time in the garden setting! Go for the gusto, we only live once you know!

    • 22

      Teza, I would love to know what these sculptures would sell for, I am sure I would have a heart attack. One day, I hope that something this beautiful will come home to live with me.

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