Wordy Wednesday!

Is it just me?

I thought that I would try a few Wordless Wednesday posts as I has some pictures I wanted to share, but they were not exciting enough to write a whole post about.

So I have published four Wordless Wednesday posts now.

They are my lowest read posts!!!!!

Why is that? Do you like to hear (read) me ramble on and on, or are my pictures just not as interesting as I thought they were? Do other bloggers also have low readership for these or is it just me?

The most beautiful (flowering) plant in my garden right now is Eremurus or Foxtail Lily.

I love these, here it is just budding out,

love the way the sun catches it.

Then with the flowers half-open,

They are also a great cut flower, and very long lasting.

If you would like a few more words, you can also read what I wrote about it last year.


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  1. 1

    Sylvia (England) said,

    Perhaps some people don’t read anything that says ‘wordless’ – but if they don’t open a post how do they know – so often ‘wordless Wednesdays’ includes some useful words and lovely pictures. I love your Foxtail Lilies, I have tried growing them but they don’t like our (usually) wet winters. So I am really happy to enjoy your pictures of them, thank you.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. 3

    Lynne said,

    I love that second picture. It has humour to me somehow (or maybe I just have a strange sense of humour) but they really do look like a row of foxes tails to me in this one.

  3. 5

    Valerie said,

    I loved your fox tail lilies. I have not tried them in the sandbox but will put them on my bulb list for next year. It is funny about the wordless wednesday theme. I guess gardeners like explanations rather than figure it out for themselves. Who really knows.

  4. 7

    Hi Deb – I think we like to hear what you have to say – even on Wordless Wednesdays. Funny because my “hit count” goes up on Wordless Wednesdays. Guess I must be boring to read, but people like the pictures.
    Love the seated buddha in the middle of the foxtails.

    • 8

      You are not boring to read!!!! It is interesting to find out what attracts readers to your blog, I will see how my “hit count” is for this post compared to my Wordless Wednesdays.

  5. 9

    Laurrie said,

    I open posts that are labeled “wordless”, but they’re a challenge to comment on. Although the photos are nice, it seems silly for everyone to comment “nice” or “lovely” or “beautiful shot”.

    Even a few words in a post with a photo are great… like why you enjoy those foxtails half opened, and how the light captures your eye on their blooms. I want to see what you see in your garden and experience what you do, not just look at a static photo. Gardens are so dynamic — they move and capture light and fulfill the owner’s fantasies or not — that’s what I love getting when I read about someone’s garden in another part of the world. Photos: yes. Why the photo matters to the gardener: absolutely.

    • 10

      Very interesting point Laurrie. I do not even find it is the number of comments, the actual people looking at the post drop by half, a lot of readers must think the same as you.

  6. 11

    teza said,

    The Eremurus is enchanting….. such are your posts as well! Do not get trapped beneath the stats….

  7. 13

    Turling said,

    Those lillies are stunning. And, yes, I usually enjoy posts with actual words. I like to read what people are doing. However, “wordless” doesn’t keep me from going to a site. As for myself, I can’t shut up, so I’ve never done a wordless anything.

  8. 15

    Tatyana said,

    I tried to find eremurus in local nurseries, and failed. I love your plants, Deb, they certainly attract attention!

  9. 17

    Debbie said,

    Great photos – there’s something so magical about flowers that are half way open. I enjoy looking at Wordless Wednesday posts since it’s a quick in & out and I hopefully find a little humor or inspiration at the same time. But, as Laurrie said, it can be hard to find a comment for some of the photos. BTW, my hit count stays about the same on WW but comments tend to be lower.

  10. 19

    What beautiful and interesting photos. I think my WW posts are also less read then my others, possibly because I just post a single pic? ie not much to talk about? And yes, we do love listening to you ramble ;).

  11. 21

    Jennifer said,

    I am big on pictures, so I don’t mind picture heavy posts. I think wordless posts are less favored because they only have one image. Sometimes it is harder to write a comment on a single image. The foxtail lily is beautiful. Do you lift the bulbs? I didn’t think they were hardy?

    • 22

      Jennifer, the eremurus are hardy (at least in Owen Sound), they do not have to be lifted. I know a friend of mine in Kingston, struggled to get them to grow for her, I think the snow coverage here helps. They like full sun and good drainage.

  12. 23

    chen said,

    Beautiful photography on the Eremurus; looks so natural with its garden environment. Too often, ‘garden photographers’ are obsessed with the flower closeup and forget about the garden. (I thought we are supposed to enjoy the picture on WW quietly and comment without words :0).)

  13. 25

    Barbara H. said,

    Words, please! Although your pictures are lovely, the words always add to them. And maybe it’s just that we all take the “Wordless” to heart…

  14. 27

    Lesley said,

    First eremurus shot is amazing!
    Think we like to hear a voice!
    Don’t worry about other’s gardens and feel inadequate-I think it is the newness of what you are looking at in other people’s gardens! Your’s looks like that to them too.

  15. 29

    I’ll look at WW posts, but I am irritated if they are truly wordless. If it doesn’t tell me the name of the plant. If it is just another pretty picture. But I am quite sure that there is another circle of readers that are into pictures and photography. I me myself, I’d rather have some words and some pictures. I’ll be back 😉

    • 30

      I don’t want to irritate you Diana, so i’ll put in plenty of words, lol. I hate it is I have to ask the name of the plant in the comment box as well, it is so easy to tag it with the name.

  16. 31

    What a fascinating lily, I’ve never seen that before. I’m off to read your prior post!

  17. 33

    Don’t you worry one bit about Wordless Wednesday posts. I think sometimes people don’t know what to say other than “nice photo.” I do them sometimes, but I don’t like to be rigid about anything, so I mix it up, too. I think I like Skywatch Fridays better, but I don’t do that every week either.
    Love the eremurus. Not something I can grow here. I had one once, but it didn’t come back. Just a wee bit too cold in the winter. Or wet. Or both.

    • 34

      Thank you Jodi, I will try not to obsess so much about it.
      I think the snow cover here really makes a difference, however they have only been in the ground two years, so we will see what happens.

  18. 35

    Racquel said,

    We miss your words that’s what it is Deborah, lol. Love the Eremus, so jealous, mine didn’t make a good showing this year. 😦

  19. 37

    Jean said,

    Deborah, I’ve tried a couple of Wordless Wednesday posts, but I find them a particular challenge — not only because I’m a word(y) person, but because the photo has to tell the whole story. Both times I’ve done this, I’ve ended up with a series of photos and I’ve cheated a bit by using captions (the ones that appear if you place your cursor over the photo) to help tell the story. I just looked at my stats, and one of these posts was at the low end for both comments and views compared to my wordier photo essays, but the other was higher than average on both readers and views. (The second one featured a specific plant, so it gets hits from people doing google searches about that plant.) -Jean

    • 38

      Both views and comments are the lowest for my WW posts. I found them a challenge as well, and waited a year before even trying one, but I think that my experiment is over, I like talking too much!

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