Bowl of Beauty

No, not the peony, and no, not a bowl of strawberries and cream, although that sounds good right now, but summer containers.

If you read my post on Friday, I have already gushed about my friend Janus, she is a fabulous container designer (and everything she knows, she learned from me, lol). No, really, she does amazing container planting around her home. And they are not all placed neatly at the door, she tucks a lot of them into the garden, adding colour near the edge, where it can be appreciated from the house.

Love that bowl, wonder is she would notice if it went missing, lol.

The dark leafed plant in the pot, is a dahlia, one of the Llandaff series, certainly simplifies bringing it indoors in the fall, doesn’t it.

A master at grouping plants and pots as well,

I love orange,

a lovely vignette on the shady side of the porch,

another great grouping, I gave her that agave when I moved to England, it has certainly grown.

Blue and Gold tradescantia in the pot, it is great to use perennials, you get to keep them at the end of summer.

or use herbs, like this purple sage,

Japanese Painted Fern, another perennial that looks great in pots.

But it was this David Austin rose that was my favourite, flowering all summer, with the smell of the heliotrope, magical.


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  1. 1

    I am slowly amassing a collection of containers; none as good looking as those, unfortunately!

  2. 3

    gardeningasylum said,

    Your friend’s containers are full of interesting ideas – I particularly like the displaying a special rose in a pot all season!

  3. 5

    Using containers has helped me to soften the “Concrete Jungle” – we have a Japanese maple, several hostas, herbs and tomatoes along with the usual annuals in pots. But now I’m inspired to add more perennials after seeing Janus’ garden. It’s gorgeous – she certainly has a good eye. Love the rose planter – must try it soon.

  4. 7

    Marguerite said,

    What a lovely bunch of photos. So many great ideas and use of different plants. And you’re right, there’s an art to not only picking the plants but picking containers as well. I’m utterly in love with that tall mustard yellow pot. Dahlia’s in pots too! I think I know what I’ll be doing with my dahlias next year.

  5. 9

    Laurrie said,

    Great ideas for dressing up gardens. I like the idea of dahlias in pots, and then just bringing them in over winter. I wanted to try that this year, but never got to it. I’m inspired to try next year and get some of the lovely combos and colors in the garden you show here.

  6. 11

    Her vignettes with the pots are lovely. It is a real art to balancing the size of pots, combinations of foliage and textures. Clever girl, your friend!

  7. 13

    Turling said,

    My goodness, these are all very inspiring.

  8. 15

    Wow, those are incredible. I’m awestruck.

  9. 17

    Jennifer said,

    Great container ideas. I don’t know why I have never thought of adding a herb like sage to my container plantings. It looks great with the red geranium.
    For the first time, I have added hanging baskets to my shade garden and I am surprised and delighted to see how much they color they add. It is amazing how much a container of annuals can do.

    • 18

      Jennifer, I used the golden variegated sage with yellow violas in my spring container this year, and then just planted the sage in the garden. I hope that you will show some pictures on your blog.

  10. 19

    Wendy said,

    I love these containers – only they make me feel hopelessly uncreative. Can you give me some lessons?

    • 20

      You are soooo not uncreative!!!!!! But the containers are very easy. Generally you think in threes, one for height, one for medium , and one for spilling over the edge, (although all rules are meant to be broken). Plant closer together than you think that you should, almost touching, it means that you will have to do some pruning, but you want your containers to look full. Perennials and herbs can be more interesting than what is in the annual section, so be sure to look at them for your containers as well. DO NOT use a draceana spike right in the middle, that is very old fashioned now. Hope this helps.

  11. 21

    That cloud of Lady’s Mantle around the co9ntainer in your last photo is simply heavenly. I must remember that when grubbing out the kajillion seedlings.

  12. 23

    Some beautiful arrangements! I never used to be much for colored pottery, but I’m finding myself drawn to it more and more. I really love the warm yellow footed pot on the porch, it goes fabulously with the orange blooms and rich purple foliage. I might have to borrow that one…

  13. 25

    Sylvana said,

    These container combos are awesome! I don’t do a lot of containers in my garden, just on my patio; and I just use those for kitchen plants like herbs and greens.

  14. 27

    Eye candy, Deborah. Your summer containers are gorgeous and I’m truly inspired. Love the combinations of colours, textures, height… All of it!

  15. 29

    I loved the container planting especially the dahlia one at the porch. Containers are great to pop into the borders when a plant has died down earlier in the season than the rest of its neighbours. I sometimes use cheap plastic ones – the containers are hidden by the surrounding foliage but the flowers just fill the gap lovely.

    • 30

      It is also great to give you a bit of height in the border, sometimes you really need it. All the annual pots are now on sale at the nurseries, I should go look for something to pop into my border, thanks for the great idea Rosie.

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