Working, Working, Working,

Keep that husband working!

I tried too, lol.

Last year when I planned my serviceberry Allee, I only made beds (sorry Edith) for 25 feet. This still left 25 feet to reach my Kitchen Garden. At the time, I was thinking that I might put something different in, but after thinking about it all winter, I decided to extend the Allee to 50 feet. I am a bit worried that I am getting too “Botanic Garden” as my design teacher would say, wanting too many different designs and getting too busy. Better to make more of an impact with a bigger statement.

Looking from the Lime Walk, towards the Kitchen Garden

Look at all that space to fill!

So last weekend, we continued on with the beds. I outlined them with bricks,

Β and we had a load of topsoil delivered, filled it in and covered it with mulch.

The entrance to the Allee from the Yew Garden

Can anyone tell me why they rip down the whole of the Deliverance house but leave that ugly garden shed? Annoying!

Hopefully that will keep the weeds down until I purchase the serviceberries.Β  Last September I got the six that are planted at a 50% off, end of season sale, so I am hoping to find the rest of them on sale this autumn. Then I can use the savings to buy more plants.

All done!

Looks inviting, doesn’t it Teza!


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    That is one ambitious plan Deborah and it will look amazing when it starts to fill in .. of course I am all for the Serviceberry ! .. has Ian said anything about his back giving out soon ? haha
    It will all look simply gorgeous and let that planning side of you have all it wants .. it can always be change right ?
    I too am looking for those end of season sales .. where I would put things is another question ! haha

    • 2

      Ambitious is my middle name Joy, or wait, was it Greed, maybe Gluttony, oh, who can remember, lol. I just tell Ian it is cheaper then a gym….
      I am going to be very sad when all my space is used up, I have so many ideas.

  2. 3

    Jenn-na-na said,

    Oooh, lovely! That’s going to look awesome! I would so love to have an alley of some kind, for me, I think it would be lilac. I am so in love with lilac!! I did, however, purchase my first Serviceberry yesterday from my local nursery, partly because I read somewhere that as a local plant, they’re trying to repopulate it in the area, and partly from this alley of yours! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the inspiration!

    • 4

      I love lilacs as well, just do not have enough sun to have them flower well. There are a lot of very large, mature trees on the property, as well, I back on to the Niagara Escarpment, so the sun disappears behind it fairly early in the afternoon.
      Glad you did get a serviceberry, look forward to seeing pictures of it.

  3. 5

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I feel, for what my opinion is worth, that you have done EXACTLY the right thing by extending the borders [sorry, D] as far as the Kitchen Garden. Far from being too Botanic, you now have a really good, purposeful and bold statement connecting one garden area with another without a disappointing gap. It is going to look superb.

    I do so enjoy seeing the progress of the garden which is, most certainly, taking shape. It is all so exciting! I do hope that the end of season sale will not be like Harrods requiring you to camp out all night for the best bargains!

    • 6

      Thanks Edith, the problem is I want it all, but have to realize that I am limited by finances, space and time. Boooo!
      I remember the sales when I worked at Harrods, very scary!!!!

  4. 7

    I’d have extended the kitchen garden, and then I’d have probably replaced the Botanics, and then I would have wondered what to do with the glut I’d produced…

  5. 9

    gardeningasylum said,

    Oh you’re so right to think big, I think! Itty bitty features can look like mistakes in addition to being out of scale. More room plus more plants plus, as you say, repeat repeat repeat = great looking garden!

  6. 11

    Laurrie said,

    This is so ambitious. I am impressed. I am also in the stage where I have individual garden elements and spaces that need linking and connecting somehow. I like your plan going all the way to the kitchen garden, with an allee look. Hurry up and get them planted and full grown so I can admire and ogle!

    • 12

      I do like it when a garden has its borders connected in some way Laurrie, you feel like there is a real purpose to it, rather than just placed where ever. I can’t wait till they grow, I have some foxglove in with them now, and some of them are taller then the trees.

  7. 13

    That allee is really something and is going to be extraordinary when mature! I love Serviceberry! What a grand entrance to your gardens!

  8. 15

    Wendy said,

    nice! Yeah, that green space would have me itching too. πŸ™‚

    Any movement on the deliverance house? Any signs of rebuilding?

  9. 17

    Your allee is going to look so fabulous! I like the idea of extending it, rather than planting something else there. It will be a lovely, elegant, shaded walk. I just wish there was a fast-forward button so we could see it all filled in!

  10. 19

    kimberly said,

    Serviceberry is a nice choice. I also like your planning. Go big..don’t be’s your garden, after all! I’m looking forward to watching the fruits of your labor!

  11. 21

    teza said,

    Dearest D:
    I was thinking of you this past Friday when I had no less than three people [each arriving separately] from Owen Sound! There must be some wonderful gardens there, as the women were all most exciting and knowledgable when it came to plants….. alll we looking for, ‘something unique and different!] Methinks you will see a lot of Chinese Pagoda Primula next Spring….. no one can resist it…..

    As for the progress of the Serviceberry Allee…. I love to see freshly installed naked borders……. the question now is, ‘Can she leave them empty until she finds her Serviceberries on sale this Fall?’ If it were me in your shoes….[aside of hoping they were ruby pumps] there wouldn’t be a square inch left to install a Primula let alone a bloody Serviceberry……… good luck my friend.

    Botanical garden….. what a fabulous idea. All that space! Your formidible taste in plants, Ian to do the toting and lugging, and that friend promising a visit [likely in the Fall at this rate] with a stash of his kids ready for U of KG! Go for it! Hope all is well with you and the gardens! I shall email soon!

    • 22

      Wow Teza, I wonder who these ladies are, I really need to get to know them, I always need some more gardening friends. Perhaps when I join the horticultural society. Those are not the only naked borders at KG, one with your name on it still sits there, lonely as a naked border can be. Hopefully the fall will be a good time, less busy at work for you.

  12. 23

    Hi Deborah, I like the idea of going bold with an extended allee. I really think it will add strength to your design and pull the components together. Besides, Serviceberry is so charming!

  13. 25

    Alice Joyce said,

    Looks wonderful, and I’m impressed!

    Dare I say, would love to visit one day;~D


  14. 27

    debsgarden said,

    Wow, your work is impressive. It will look fabulous. My small concern is this: Which way does your light come in? Is there a chance that your Serviceberries will shade out the kitchen garden?

    • 28

      The walk runs from east to west, so the light travels down it to the Kitchen Garden. It might shade it as it gets larger, but I already have very tall trees that do the same thing. That is why I am growing my tomatoes behind the house, that and the driveway are the only two very sunny spots.

  15. 29

    I think it looks very promising Deborah – there’s no point having an alley unless it leads to somewhere so I think extending it gives it more of a purpose – how else in years to come are you going to get from the alley to the kitchen garden – you need a path so why not an alley? at least you are starting before the original one gets too established and that your new trees won’t look out of place compared to the older ones.

  16. 31

    Jean said,

    Its looking fabulous, Deborah. It always takes me several years to finish one section of the garden. (Of course, I don’t have an Ian I can put to work!) Remember, if you ever actually finish realizing all of your vision in the garden, you have to sell your house and start over again somewhere else. Meanwhile, do you want to get rid of that deliverance house shed? You might try a well-placed match. πŸ™‚

    • 32

      Ian is a big help, it is great to have him to do the heavy work. My plans are so ambitious, I do not know if I could ever have done it on my own. I do worry about what will happen when I am “finished”, I have never been in a house longer than 5 years, hope I don’t get antsy.

  17. 33

    Racquel said,

    Working, working, working is right word alright! You’ve been a busy gardener. Thank goodness you have hubby to help you with all these revisions. πŸ™‚

  18. 35

    Did I not post here? I’m sure I started one…anyhow your post is great and shows SO MUCH WORK. A silly question for you, do you remove the grass first or put the topsoil over top? I always remove mine and it is back breaking. Look forward to seeing the beds fill. How’s the bed you share with Teza doing?

    • 36

      Rebecca, I do not remove the grass, way to lazy for that. I just put down a very thick layer of newspaper, then topsoil and mulch on top. For border that I built last autumn, I just emptied my compost bin into it, then covered it with mulch, I knew that one would wait a year before planting. The grass rots fairly quickly, although a few still come to the surface, they are easily weeded out.
      Teza’s bed is sitting there patiently waiting for him to come fill it!

      • 37

        Thanks for the great info!! Even after the backbreaking work of removing the grass it still pops up here and there. I might have to try this, my new beds have all been quite small since they required removal by hand (which as you know is AWFUL).

      • 38

        If I had to remove ALL the grass by hand at Kilbourne Grove, I wouldn’t have got any beds made. You still will get a bit of grass (or dandelions) coming up through, but very little, and easily pulled out be hand.

  19. 39

    miss m said,

    That is SO much work but I’m with ya ! I’ve been working non-stop for a month and a half now. First on the extension which later got ditched for a brand new design. I’m pooped ! (and insane ?)

    KG is looking great !

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