Blotanical BooBoo!

Does Blotanical not like me? Did the Blotanical curse now strike me? It seems I have fallen prey to it.

This morning at 5:00 I published my latest post.  At 6:oo when I was having breakfast, I thought that I would take a quick look at the Most Faved Blogs to see what was new. But wait, where was my post, I could not find it.

OK, so I went to my plot and pinged, still not on list, so I pinged again, nothing!

I am slightly embarrassed to tell you how many times, I pinged, I ponged, I even stood on my hear, nothing!

I was on the “G” list, with my last post, but my new one was mysteriously missing.

So I went to work, thinking it would resolve itself.

Imagine my surprise when I came home to find not only was I NOT on the Most Faved Blog List, but my blog has vanished off the “G” list.

If you are interested in reading the very fascinating post that I published this morning, you can read it here, (that is if it shows up on Blotanical, lol).

Is anyone else having these problems?


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  1. 1

    jenana said,

    I’m not having that kind of problem… just the kind that when you click on me in picks, you get an error. It lasted a few days but is now fixed.

  2. 3

    Wierd! This new post is in the pick list, but your post from this morning isn’t. I’ve had very strange things happen there too, more with messages vanishing, but it certainly can be glitchy.

  3. 5

    Lynne said,

    That is so weird. I read that post last night before I went to bed (being in NZ we are probably 12-18 hrs ahead of you timewise so it was probably yesterday morning there when you posted it). Anyway, point I’m meandering around is that it was definitely showing up then.

    • 6

      Lynne, it was yesterday, about 5:00 my time, when I published it. I am glad it showed up on your reader, I certainly had a lot of readers, it seems it was just Blotanical that had a problem with me.

  4. 7

    Lynne said,

    Having exited out of this post, and then scrolled down, it is still showing up in my reader just fine.

  5. 9

    Jean said,

    Deborah, This is very strange. I usually have to “ping” three or four times before my posts show up on the pick lists. And I once had a problem where my new post didn’t show up *anywhere* except on my blog — not on google reader, not on the blogrolls of people with feeds, not anywhere on Blotanical — for many hours after I posted it. But this is different. Your Jarvie post didn’t show up on any of the pick lists where I would expect to find it, but it did show up on my Google reader. And, interestingly, if I do a “search blog by name” for your blog in Blotanical, I get to a screen that lists your five most recent posts, including the Jarvie post and I can pick it there.

    • 10

      Jean, thank you for picking this post. I checked on the search blog by name, and it was showing there, also on my plot. I usually do not have to ping a post, ever, they just show up, so I am not sure what happened this time. This post showed up right away.

  6. 11

    Joanne said,

    Hi I have been so busy catching up in the garden that I have had so little time for blogging and have to say i haven’t had any time for Blotonical since the changes of the format which was many weeks ago. It’s sad but there are only so many hours in the day.

    I do hope your blog get’s back on Blotanical soon but if not I am sure Stuart will look into it for you.

    • 12

      Joanne, thank you for taking the time to come read my blog, I know at this time of year everyone is busy with their garden. I am trapped in the city, so I have the time during the week, but weekends are sacred.

  7. 13

    fairegarden said,

    How awful for you, Deborah. It has happened to me before, but not recently and can be upsetting since we don’t know what is going on. It normally takes a couple of hours for the posts to show up anyway. Assume you have written to Stuart in the help tab, that is the best recourse. Will dash to read the missing post!

    • 14

      Frances, I didn’t bother Stuart, he has that big sign up, and it is not that huge of a problem. My next one showed up ok. Just curious why it happened. I did not know it took that long for posts to arrive on Blotanical, I will start publishing even earlier.

  8. 15

    Well, if it’s any consolation, this post did at least show up in my ‘faved blogs’ list. This happened to me before…with no explanation, but subsequent posts were fine. I have noticed that any time I post, my RSS feed has to be all happy before Blotanical (or Facebook) will see it correctly, but most days that’s within the hour that I post. Perhaps there’s some errant mischievous garden gnome hiding posts on the Blotanical servers?

  9. 17

    hey D,

    I couldn’t find you on Picks so I came to you via my faves and looked at your latest post on your My Blog tab. I hunt thee down my friend…by hook or by crook I want to read your stuff.

    I’m sure its a blip but be assured that your fans will find you one way or another…but not in a stalking creepy kinda way. 🙂

    Bottoms up darling, its gin and tonic time.


  10. 19

    I’m starting to put all my blotanical faves on a blog roll now – I noticed recently that quite a few of my favourites disappeared of Blotanical and I had to refave them. So I won’t miss any of yours now Deborah – apologies if I don’t get to pick as many as I’m not on blotanical as much these days – too much weeding!

    • 20

      Rosie, I noticed when Blotanical came back on line, I had lost a few favs as well. I wish that WordPress had a great blog roll like blogger does. Happy weeding!

  11. 21

    Elephant's Eye said,

    If you do ping, then you can check if your ‘post’ has arrived. Think it depends on whether ‘that batch is ready to come out of the oven’ Sometimes my post flies the flag right at the top of the list. And other times it takes a while. And I guess if you don’t ping, the impossible takes a little longer. (Plus Stuart is always tweaking and then all sorts of things can happen, if you post Just then)

    • 22

      Diana, I did ping and kept checking, for 2 hours before I had to leave for work. When I came home that night, it still wasn’t on the picks list. It just never showed up, although my next one did!

  12. 23

    debsgarden said,

    I have had something similar in that my post didn’t show up for several hours, even after several pings. This has happened a couple times, but eventually they did show up. A more common problem is my picks disappearing. Blotanical routinely drops my picks by a random number after the first day, though in the “mine” picks list all of the picks show up.

  13. 25

    Jen said,

    It did show up the same day in my Google Reader. Sorry it took me so long to tell you that.

    Have you tried using Windows live write? Life just feels easier with it.


  14. 27

    Grace said,

    I didn’t read all your replies, Deborah so if I’m repeating someone else, forgive me, but have you tried Google Reader? I am absolutely thrilled with its bug-free [so far] functionality.

  15. 29

    Autumn Belle said,

    Deborah, I think I have the same problem. I posted my ‘Kapok Tree’ post 8 days ago and I have no pickers. My post showed up in my plot, so I need not ping it. It also showed up in the pick list but I cannot pick it myself in order to test it. Having zero pickers is sad to live with 😦

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