Flower Power

Flowers! I can’t get away from them, nor would I want to. Whether it is at work (I’m a floral designer) or in the garden (I’m a gardener), I love them!

I thought you would like to see some of the flower arrangements at Canada Blooms. It is always good for me to see others work, and hopefully get some inspiration from them.

I love, love these! These panels were amazing, a mix of tillandia, phalos and kiwi vine.The tillandias and kiwi are very long term, you could hide water tubes behind the plants and fill them with flowers for a party. These would be very cool in a restaurant installation, or bar.

This picture didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. This is forsythia inserted into bamboo poles.

And just a few from some of the professional designers in Toronto.

They would all be great for parties, weddings, etc, a little too large for an average home, lol.

Isn’t this amazing, all natural materials, a very talented artist.

And another one.

This might be a little hard to place, lol.

Like pink?

What it really looks like in a flower shop, even a cold cup of tea!

Green goddess!

One of my favs.

The Light,

and the Dark.

Quite cool, just remember these are cutting edge, think restaurant, fancy boutique, not your home.

and my fave.

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  1. 1

    Yes indeed, that last one has something special about it. It certainly made me smile on a cold rainy day!

  2. 3

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I am reminded of my mother with all of these as she took a very keen interest in what she termed ‘Floral Art’. Whilst Julia Clements may have appeared cutting edge in her day, she would have lost out to all of these which are both highly sophisticated and very modern and use such exotic materials.

    Like you, I preferred those which are slightly more traditional – the roses – but I suppose, in my heart of hearts, give me a good old fashioned Dorchester Drip [another of my mother’s terms] any day.

    However, I can well see that as a professional floral designer it is of great interest to you to see what the latest trends are. But I am sure that you always add your own personal twist to arrangements.

  3. 5

    Joy said,

    Deborah girl I am so glad you have pictures to show since I never get to that event !
    Funny enough as soon as I saw the bottom picture I thought THAT is the one I really like ! .. hum ? … so great minds do think alike then ? LOL

  4. 7

    The floral designs and competition are always my first “go to” area of Canada Blooms. The big gardens are amazing, yes. But I really love the inspiration that comes from these great floral creations. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. 9

    The floral designs at Canada Blooms are usually the showstoppers, especially in recent shows. Sorry I missed it this year. I like that they’re a combination of professional florists from around the world, sophisticated amateurs from the Toronto Garden Club (one of the show’s cosponsors) and relative newcomers to the floral design world.

    I fell into that last category a few years ago when I entered a couple of designs on behalf of the Beach Garden Society, one of them a team effort. We won a couple of ribbons, which was a thrill. But almost as thrilling was being part of the behind-the-scenes action as all the floral designers created their work – or came back from time to time throughout their show span to refresh the flowers. Fascinating and fun.

  6. 11

    mothernaturesgarden said,

    I love to see floral displays. They are so inspirational.

  7. 13

    Laurrie said,

    Love the dropping apple arrangement! Who has this kind of imagination? I wish I did!

  8. 15

    miss m said,

    Some are really original ! Always fun to see great design. Thanks for sharing !

  9. 17

    I loved the apple tree. thats a great idea. And i also like the idea behind the forsythia….now I’m thinking how I can do something like that on a much smaller scale of course!!!

    There’s a local restaurant that hangs pumpkins from their ceiling on invisible thread during the Thanksgiving holidays and it looks like Hogwarts dining hall with all these floating pumpkins…..the apples would be fabulous too. What a great idea.

    • 18

      M, I knew you would love that one, after all you are my twin, lol. You could actually tie bamboo canes to your fence and fill them with different flowers or branches on a regular basis.
      Would love to see the pictures of the pumpkins, keep it in mind at Thanksgiving!

  10. 19

    Thanks for sharing. It’s always refreshing to see new ideas. Sometimes they inspire us; but more often, they get our own creative juices flowing.

  11. 21

    That tree is my fav also. How wonderful that you get to see such beauty. We are going through a cold spell, well we consider it cool here.

    We are craving sunlight, and warmth, and your flower shots fill the bill.


  12. 23

    Wow Deborah, great picture tour, thanks so much! Your favorites (tree & white orchids) are my faves too, as is Green Godess. 🙂

  13. 25

    Spectacular! We have a local shop
    that creates in a similar vein. Their tag line is: Don’t just send flowers, knock someone’s socks off!

  14. 27

    Wendy said,

    wow, theyr’e just so talented and creative. I love seeing this stuff!

  15. 29

    Yes, the green apple “tree” is my favourite as well. Love the form and whimsical design – very charming! You must have had loads of fun at this event 🙂

  16. 31

    Tatyana said,

    Green goddess is my favorite here!

  17. 33

    Lesley said,

    How creative!
    Really quite humbling to see such work!
    Best Wishes

    • 34

      Robert, you have nothing to be humbled about, do you? lol. You are very creative in other ways. (or maybe you are a secret flower arranger and have not revealed it to the world).

  18. 35

    You are so lucky to be there and see this show and thank you for sharing btw. I must admit to liking odd things, like the one just before the apple tree, sort of asymmetrical and with curling bits. And the two made of natural materials that looked like decor on a box or maybe they were plaques, just before the tipping vase with pink orchids, which I kind of liked a lot too. Ah so much to see and like.

  19. 37

    Rosie said,

    Deborah I love going to shows like this – sometimes I wonder what gave the designers the inspiration to create such wonderful pieces. The last show I went to was in Essen in Germany and I am so sorry I didn’t take photos……….. that was in the days when I didn’t blog!

    I’m sure you came back with loads of inspiration for your own floral art displays.

    Rosie 🙂

  20. 39

    Grace said,

    Hi Deborah~~ These shows are so entertaining, aren’t they? I attended with a wholesale florist-friend several years ago. The planners even brought in a coffin to illustrate the possible creativity within the funeral genre. Fun.

  21. 41

    fairegarden said,

    How fun, Deborah, thanks for showing us these. Lots of inspiration for the floral design challenged, of which I am one. I love those flat picture type things, especially the first one. A very talented person there, like you. I do like to see tree trunks used inside, they are long lasting and give a big impact, especially when uplit.

    • 42

      The trees do give a big impact don’t they, I am seeing them used more and more. They are scuptural, natural and like you said, very long lasting. I am glad that you enjoyed the show.

  22. 43

    Ooh, I’m drooling! I really like that last one, too. Many of these are original and inspirational. What a treat!

  23. 45

    Meredith said,

    Deborah, what a lovely selection! I have to say, even though it’s crazy over the top, I love that one with the spill of magenta orchids propped on a pillow of crimson roses (or maybe carnations, I couldn’t quite tell). Somehow I like it when a designer just goes crazy. 😉

    • 46

      Meredith, I think that you have to go over the top for these shows, peoples do not want to see safe little arrangements. I don’t think that the arrangement would fit in your house, lol.

  24. 47

    Marian said,

    I love the crazy red one – altho more restaurant than restful! The last one too, made me think of our own little Easter tree in the dining room! It is great to use the shapes in planting design too, lots of ideas, thank you!

    • 48

      Marian, I can’t think where you could place any of these in your home, they are a bit theatrical. We used to make Easter Egg trees at the flower shop as well, kids loved them.

  25. 49

    Kathleen said,

    I haven’t been by in a while Deborah and boy I’ve missed a LOT. Glad I didn’t miss this post tho ~ the arrangements are spectacular. I wish we could order those up and send off to someone special. Whenever I try to send flowers, I see so much of the same thing. I like different ~ exactly what you’ve shown here.

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