Eat Your Veg!

 I don’t know how many times I heard that growing up, but maybe if we had a veggie plot as beautiful as these, I would have been more inspired to!

Edible Landscapes were huge at Canada Blooms. There were a lot of decorative vegetable gardens. “City Farming” seems to be the next hot trend in gardening. Using flowers as well as herbs and veg all together in one display. Now, we all know this is nothing new, it is the basis of cottage gardening, but every generation has to discover it on their own.

The Toronto Botanical Gardens had a very lovely display.

I would love to have that table in my house, never mind my garden.

Basil  planted with green mums, and parsley.

Look at the size of that rosemary, already fantasizing about a leg of lamb, yum!

In another display garden,they had again, a mix of ornamental and edible.

Looks great for the show, but they wouldn’t grow much packed so tight together, but when you have company coming to see your garden, makes an impact.

Handy for snacking, shouldn’t everyone have one in their garden, lol.



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  1. 1

    gardeningasylum said,

    Hi Deborah, Edible ornamentals seem to be a sign of the times! Love that banana display…

  2. 3

    When some edible plants are as attractive as ornamentals, why not let them do double duty! It makes “garden cleanup” a tasty proposition.

  3. 5

    I had the same thought at Canada Blooms – city farming is back. And I’m afraid I’ve jumped on the bandwagon by starting some seeds (something I haven’t done in years). But my veggies will be in pots as I don’t have garden space. Are you doing any veggies in your courtyard?

  4. 7

    Oh, that all looks so yummy! A raised ‘no dig’ veg garden is on my agenda (but it’s having to wait for a few more projects to get done first *sigh*) There is plenty of inspiration in these photos, so I’ll have to be back for another look when the time comes!

  5. 9

    Lesley said,

    Yes, I think that these days veg does need to be pretty. And with companion planting to consider that is not so very difficult.

    Why am I not doing it then?

    Guess time!

    My annuals I like to be things which sort themselves out. Do have very spendid variegated horseraddish. But man would be quite unwell if he lived on that alone!

    Best Wishes


  6. 11

    Jenana said,

    I like the look of the one you labeled as “In another display garden,they had again, a mix of ornamental and edible.” It’s just so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 13

    Ceara said,

    There’s a new term going around – Edimentals. I hope to see it used more! hehe

    I love the idea of the high raised beds.

    I don’t understand why some people think vegetables are “ugly.”

  8. 15

    Barbara said,

    I’m eyeing a patch of grass that is going to be veggies this year if I don’t get my allotment (I’m 5,8, 20th in line). But because it’s in the front garden, it does have to be pretty. Thought they showed some excellent examples here. Those bananas are a hoot.

    • 16

      Barbara, I put my name down for an allotment when I first moved back from England, (of course only wanted the Leslie street one, as it is the closest, and no car), still waiting. I hope you get yours.

  9. 17

    Beautiful! I the large planters in the first pictures are especially lovely.

  10. 19

    My most favorite times in the nursery were display times. It’s fun to let reality rush out that door, and fantasy take over.

    It certainly looks like they had a great time. And like you did visiting them also.


  11. 21

    Well, it won’t be anything on this scale, but I’m tired of ratty looking vegetable gardens, and this year, I’m determined to pretty things up a bit. I’m having fun making room for edible flowers planted in among the veggies. I love the basil planted with ‘mums and parsley…might have to borrow that.

  12. 23

    Rosie said,

    I’m doing raised veggie beds this year – I’ve nowhere else to grow them and moving unto the paths and patio – but on a small scale with just leafy and salad crops.

    Oh Deborah did you have sore feet after the show – I used to have to go to the shows in Essen Germany and you could not get around all the halls in one day – they used to be shattering experiences for the feet but for the eyes they were a feast………. a bit like that banana display of yours.

    • 24

      Yes, feet aching, I would have spent longer, was forgetting what I saw at the beginning by the end. I haven’t even shown you the flower arrangements yet.
      Look forward to seeing your veggie garden.

  13. 25

    banner6 said,

    Love the “potager” look, but veggies are my honey’s department and I can’t seem to convince him that a plan would be good. Surprising, that, because he is otherwise quite aesthetically oriented.

  14. 27

    miss m said,

    Growing veggies has totally changed my gardening perspective. I wouldn’t ever go back to just growing ornamentals. Ever.

    Vegetables ARE beautiful … and edible !

  15. 29

    Kathy M said,

    Thanks for the pictures. The Northwest Flower and Garden show in Seattle, WA had a similar edible garden feel and I’m happy to see the urban garden scene growing.

  16. 31

    Grace said,

    Hi Deborah~~ And then there was the, “Children in China are starving….” Like this was supposed to make sense. Fortunately I liked most vegetables but lettuce salad smothered in mayo and chunks of bleu cheese…not exactly a kid favorite. “Eat it. Kids in China are starving.” Crazy!

    It looks like you had a great time at this show. Lots of inspiration. I’ll take one of those tables too! And I might actually consider growing veggies if I had RAISED beds like these. Wow. Thanks for the fun tour!

    • 32

      I got the children are starving in Africa, and I was always replying “well, why don’t you send it to Africa, then”. Got in trouble a lot, lol. I love my raised beds in my Kitchen Garden, they warm up the fastest in my garden, so I can get out there early.

  17. 33

    A Garden of Threads said,

    We garden on sand so our veggi patch is a raised bed, it of course is now too small so we have started another raised bed on the other side of the yard. Have not filled it with triple mix yet, and everyone wants to know why we are building a log cabing in the backyard. We use pine logs to make the form because the property has so many large pines and they are slowly dieing. Can’t wait to get started, still to cold, but mother nature can’t be rushed, other things to do in the garden until veggi planting time. Happy Easter:)

    • 34

      It sounds wonderful, and a very good use for the pines. The way Mother Nature is going this year, summer will be here soon, my garden is at least 3 weeks ahead of last year.

  18. 35

    dorsetmichael said,

    Hi, I was interested in the blue pot with basil and parsley and ‘green mums’ which I’ve never heard of , i guess that’s a Canadian nickname, but do you know the name of the plant? i love finding out about folk names of plants, lovely photos…

    • 36

      Michael, the green chrysanthemums are relatively new on the market, green is such a “hot” colour right now. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I hope to see you again soon.

  19. 37

    kimberly said,

    Looks like you had a great time! I agree…the table is worthy. My favorite is the basil and mums. Basil is a staple in my home (having a Greek husband mandates this!) and the mums really make this collection stand out. The mushroom path was pretty too…nice display but not very realistic. Finally, I’m partial to the banana exhibit…I’ve shared my banana woes from the winter chill, but they are making a wonderful recovery! I’ll enjoy plenty of bananas by next September!!

    • 38

      Kimberly, basil should be a staple for everyone, it is so good. The problem with some of the displays at garden shows, are they are such fantasy, and some new gardeners take them as fact, and then are disappointed.
      Look forward to seeing “your” banana display this fall.

  20. 39

    dorsetmichael said,

    ok, sorry, i’ve just guessed that ‘mums’ are short for chrysanthemums? i’ve never heard them called that in england…

    • 40

      Michael, when I worked at the flower shop at Harrods, someone asked me for a “chrysanth”, I had to go ask what it was, lol. I had never heard them referred to as anything but mums. Funny, how nicknames start.

  21. 41

    fantastic, a real work of art

  22. 43

    I love the focus on edible gardening. The raised vegetable gardens are making me green with envy. But they clearly show that you do not need a lot of space to have a vegetable garden. I love it when people share their pictures of garden shows that they attend. Thank you!

  23. 45

    Thanks for photos of a great garden show! I like to combine ornamentals with veggies, too. Years ago there was a guy in a nearby neighborhood that turned his entire front yard into a vegetable garden. Some people started to complain, but ultimately he won them over because the way he presented his garden was so attractive.

    • 46

      Deborah, they can be both practical and beautiful, there are so many famous examples, especially Rosemary Verey’s. I am glad that he was able to educate some of his neighbours.

  24. 47

    Hi Deborah, I love to see ornamental and edible hand in hand. Personally, I think most veg have beautiful form and colour. I want to introduce my son to the concept of gardening as one that’s inclusive of both. Very inspiring photos!

  25. 49

    Gloria Bonde said,

    I’d like that big O banana tree with banana at the base – fun

  26. 51

    Wow! What fantastic displays. I would loved to have seen them.

    Just popped by to wish you a Happy Easter,

    RO xxxxx

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