Happy Days Are Here Again!

Happy days are here again,

The skies above are clear again,

Let us sing a song of cheer again,

Happy days are here again!*

I decided to take this photo from an ants eye view, it makes it look like I have a lot more snowdrops  as well.

Yes, I could have put in another 87 photographs, but they would all be of the same patch, I decided not to bore you, you can thank me later.

*This song was published in 1929 by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen.


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  1. 1

    A cheery patch, worth singing about. And they look like they’re happily multiplying. Love that about snowdrops.

  2. 3

    They look so cheery amongst the brown leaves. Spring is really happening!

  3. 5

    Happy Days! Your snowdrops are so cute and I like the ants view. I am going to have to plant some snowdrop bulbs. Also, I’m happy that warm weather has arrived for you! ~Amy

  4. 7

    Barry said,

    Hi Deborah,
    I guess they’ve been waiting under the snow for this moment. Any sign of ‘Grumpy’?

    • 8

      No Grumpy, that makes me grumpy, lol.
      It is interesting how as the snow receeds, there they are. I took note of where the snow melted first this year, I am going to move some around and see how early I can get them in flower next year.

  5. 9

    Laurrie said,

    I’m never bored by snowdrops, and after seeing everyone’s posts this spring, I am determined to start a patch by my front door. Just wish I could find them in the green, but no one here sells that way, so I’ll wait til fall. They are such quiet little beauties!

  6. 11

    Jenana said,

    Lovely! I LOVE the ants-eye point of view. 🙂 I’ve never had snowdrops before… I’m thinking I’ll have to add some for next year if they can survive my climate (5b).

    • 12

      Jenana, my garden is also in zone 5b(Canada) and would be zone 4b(US), so they will certainly survive in your garden. Please get some this fall, you will be delighted next year when they flower.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I hope I see you again.

  7. 13

    Great post!! What a lovely patch of snowdrops, now you are ahead of me! I still only have foliage. I’m glad KG had such a nice surprise for you this past weekend. 🙂

  8. 15

    SummerHouseArt said,

    I moved to the coast to get away from anything to do with snow. But I can see I’ll have to make an exception when it comes to Snow drops and get myself some. These photos are lovely!

  9. 17

    banner6 said,

    first time i ever thought it might be fun to be an ant!

  10. 19

    Jim Groble said,

    Your ants eye view cam is my garden cam. Great pics and post. jim

  11. 21

    Beautiful snowdrops Deborah…I think you could have posted one or two more pics though 😛

  12. 23

    miss m said,

    Ahhhh ! Definitely something to sing about !
    Soon you’ll have as many as Ronald MacKenzie and will start having snowdrop parties ! lol. You galanthophile, you !

  13. 25

    catmint said,

    Hi Deborah, it’s your blog and if you want to post 87 pics you do it! Seriously – lovely post, love those old fashioned cheerful songs, not a single word of blues or woes. Cheers, catmint

  14. 27

    Ah, I know how you have been waiting (patiently!) 😉 for these. They are so lovely and the promise of more Spring to come. Enjoy!

  15. 29

    Anna said,

    The very best time of year Deborah and come on let’s see the other 87 photos!:)

  16. 31

    I seem to have the only garden without snowdrops! Mind you, I did see a rogue daf the other day.

  17. 33

    Goodness Deborah, I’m almost starting to think that you like snowdrops 😀

  18. 35

    Melanie said,

    Ahhh welcome to spring Definitely somehting to sing about.

  19. 37

    Rosie said,

    just think this time next year you will have a load more blooms now that you have got that box of snowdrops in the green.

    Later this week Deborah I am doing a post on snowflakes – and not the icy type! but the spring snowflakes – you’ll love those too.

    We missed the snow btw but a couple of miles away the place is covered in the stuff – snowploughs out etc

    • 38

      Yay, I hope so! I counted and there was 63 bulbs, and I planted them in a seperate area (Lime Walk) from where these are. Going to count the blooms in 2011 and see how many.
      Look forward to the snowflakes(not the real ones, lol).

  20. 39

    The one thing I love more than snowdrops is snowdrops in leaf litter. Can anyone look at a snowdrop without smiling? I can’t.

  21. 41

    Hi there,

    Have you ever tried Mr Nichols suggestion of displaying them with a mirror beneath them so you can see their pretty faces? I can’t recall now which book him mentions it in…..I think its the last of his trilogy….Laughter on the Stairs perhaps?

    Anyway, snowdrops are beautiful and so brave….


  22. 43

    I am glad to see your snowdrops blooming . From your photos you would think you have masses of them. They are beautiful. Hooray!

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