The Magical World of Tinker Bell

One of the most interesting exhibits at Canada Blooms was for kids, whether small, or just wish they were. Walking a pink fairy dusted path, I was wishing I was a bit shorter, or a lot more flexible so I could follow some of the kid sizes paths.

From the other side of the building, something magical beckons. Look it is “Pixie Hollow”.

Ooooh, look there is a path underneath those mushrooms, where bells chime!


This is a four season display presided over by Rosette the Garden Fairy, Silvermist the Water Fairy, Iridessa the Light Fairy, Fawn the Animal Fairy, and how could you forget Tinker Bell.

They are such works of art.

I do not remember anything like this when I was a child. Look at the animals behind Fawn.

This doesn’t photograph as well as it looked in real life. The water shooting up was very cool.

Can you see the fairy dust?  Do you believe?


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    OMG Deborah if I had been a kid seeing this I would have been beside myself wanting to play there ! .. This is so beautiful and magical just as you have described : )

  2. 3

    Hi Deborah – I loved the pink fairy dust between the pavers. It was truly a magical place. I’m a huge Tink fan and was thrilled to see her at Canada Blooms.

  3. 5

    How lovely, looks like it would have been fun to make.

  4. 7

    How fanciful!! What a terrific addition for the little ones, the animals are so lovely.

  5. 9

    Oh Deborah, if I’d seen a garden like that as a child, I would have been more enthusiastic about gardening then. As a kid I was mostly charged with weeding. I’m going to the SF Flower & Garden show this weekend, and I’ll be curious to see what exhibits they have for kids there. Not sure they’ll have such a spectacular pixie garden though!

    • 10

      I think I would have enjoyed weeding as well, especially if my mum told my Tinker Bell was hiding in the garden. I hope the SF show is good, look forward to a post about it.

  6. 11

    I do believe! I do! Thank you for sharing these whimsical gardens. I can’t imagine the time it took them to put it all together.

  7. 13

    Oh, I love these! If I was still a child, you couldn’t have got me out of there…even now, I would be hanging on to a large leaf, wailing…. 😉

  8. 15

    kate said,

    I would have loved seeing this as a child (well, I’d still love to see it now). I certainly do believe! Pink fairy dust and Tinkerbell and fountains and animals. All beautifully done. The fountain looks intriguing. What a treat to have this flower show to visit. Enjoy your week, Deborah!

  9. 17

    These are amazing. I bet kids loved it. Absolutely amazing.

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