My Heart’s Affection

Anybody who reads my blog knows that I am not that great of a photographer. I would like to be, but I am not interested enough to take the time to puzzle it out, kind of like my computer. If someone shows me how to do something, I am ok, but I do not like to sit down, read instruction manuals and hit buttons. I guess that says that I am a visual learner.

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when Moyra of Reap What You Grow asked me, ME, to participate in a Favourite Photo Meme. I can do that, I am just glad that I am not being judged!

I thought that it would be easy,I have only had a digital camera since May,  but then I started going through them. I decided that even though my husband is my favourite subject, that I did not want to put him or my family or friends pictures out on the internet. So I started looking at all my garden photos. I saw a lot I liked but none spoke to my heart until this….

Meet Piper, the love of my life. She lived with us until Ian got transferred to England. Unfortunately there are quite strict laws about importing pets to the country, and we were going to be living in a tiny flat. One of my best friends offered to take her, she lives on a farm, and has another dog, cats etc. Piper was in dog heaven, especially when she discovered the pond!

I know this isn’t the greatest picture, she just won’t hold still, you can see that she is curious about my camera case. It is a bittersweet moment for me, my heart swelling with love and sadness.

I would like to pass this meme on to three bloggers who do take brilliant photos, I would be happy to have a tenth of their talents.

Carol from Flower Hill Farm gets the most incredible shots of the wildlife in her garden, she must be terribly patient.

Rothschild Orchid from Wisteria and Cow Parsley sees beauty in the most ordinary things. I would love to have her eye for detail.

Melissa from Gardenshoots:A Landscape Designer Branches Out is a true artist. Always encouraging, full of fabulous ideas, she is a true visionary.

Please take a look at the wonderful photography by these three very accomplished women.


When you check your lottery ticket to see if you have won, the clerk scans the bar code. Winner, Gagnant, the machine will announce!

I would like to announce who has won the John Brookes book, that is the giveaway on my 100th post. I did not know how to do the random number that other people do on their computer. So I went the old fashioned route, and put everyone’s name in a hat, (actually it was a bag). Ian drew out a name and congratulations to you miss m! If you can give me your mailing address, I can pack it up and mail it out to you.


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  1. 1

    gardeningasylum said,

    Piper looks like she’s a real sweetie – we get so attached, and it’s so hard to let go. Sounds as if you found a great spot for her. I’m already familiar with the fabulous Carol and Wondrous Melissa, and now heading over the check out Rothschild Orchid’s place. Cheers!

    • 2

      Cyndy, there was a lot of crying that day, and in fact every time I see her now. She is so happy, (in fact, I am slightly miffed that she isn’t as happy to see me, as I am to see her). As a matter of fact, I would like her life, Janus takes such good care of her, including letting her sleep on the bed!
      I hope that you enjoy RO’s blog, I am glad to introduce her to you.

  2. 3

    Edith Hope said,

    Dear D, I am certainly in no position to judge the quality of photographs! However, I can see the warmth of feeling coming through from the picture of your dog, Piper. How very sad that you had to leave your pet behind, even with a really good home for him.

    I agree that the three sites you mention do indeed show the most inspiring photography. Artistic talent, patience and an eye for composition must be required and I am full of admiration too.

    • 4

      Edith, patience is a virtue I am sorely lacking in. I keep hoping that I will attain a bit, but it seems not to be.
      I am glad that you could feel my love for Piper through the screen, it was hard giving her up.

  3. 5

    Piper is a beauty, she looks like she would have a gentle nature and your photo has really captured that. Sorry to hear you had to leave her behind. But it is great to hear that she was able to go and live somewhere where there was lots of doggy fun to be had!

    • 6

      She is in doggy heaven, gets up, trots down to the pond, catches a few frogs, plays with them, trots back to the house, has a nap, goes to the barn, checks out the cows manure, back to the house, gets a scolding for being “dirty”, has another nap, gets up, has dinner, goes to bed. I think that I would like her life, lol!

  4. 7

    What a beautiful picture of your beloved friend. It’s wonderful that she found such a good home, but it must have been very hard to leave her behind. Her nose spots look very kissable! 🙂

  5. 9

    I for one truly love your photograph of Piper Deborah. I love the light . . . the perspective and colors. A wonderful portrait and I can understand how sad it must have been to lose your relationship with her. I thank you for the honor you give me here and when I am better I will respond in like. As for my patience and having to wait . . . I must confess that I am mostly lucky or just tuned in to my world I guess, for when I hear calls and songs I grab the camera and seek out . . . I have a good perch. Thank you so much! ;>) Carol

  6. 11

    Joanne said,

    Such a lovely photo of Piper yes it must have been very sad to part from him.

  7. 13

    commonweeder said,

    I am familiar with Carol who is practicallly a neighbor and whose photographs are such an inspiration. Now I’m off to visit Wisteria and Garden Shoots. Your photo of Piper is all about heart, and that’s the most important.

  8. 15

    Melissa said,

    Deborah, I am honored by your “invitation” and am looking forward to responding by posting a favorite photo – I just have to decide whether to choose one of my garden or of a different garden. Hard choices! Not sure when I will do the post but certainly within a week. Thanks again, and give my love to Piper the next time you see her!

  9. 17

    miss m said,

    Piper is a beauty ! It’s great to know you found a wonderful home for her where you also get to visit. Sounds like a wonderful place !

    I can’t believe my luck, Deborah ! Looks like an excellent book. Thank you very kindly, my dear, and thank you Ian for your picking prowess ! 😉

    • 18

      Thanks miss m, my friend has a wonderful garden that I wrote about last year. It is called Larkspur Lane, and I certainly got a lot of my plants from her over the years.
      I will give Ian a big kiss from you, lol!

  10. 19

    Oh my, Piper looks to be such a sweetie! I’m so glad you were able to find a happy home for her. You must have missed her terribly. Personally, I think photos of people and pets that show their personalities are the best – and this one shines personality 🙂

  11. 21

    fairegarden said,

    You chose well, Deborah. We can hear in your words the loving feelings you have for Piper, and we can see why, she is so sweet and beautiful as well. It must have benn bittersweet to give her away, but the place she went sounds perfect. Just so you know, I had my first digital camera for a couple of years before discovering the macro function. And still can only point and shoot on auto. Those numbers and settings are just too much trouble to learn. 🙂

    • 22

      Frances, it is and was bittersweet. I think, no I know, that Piper is happier on the farm, then she would have been in an apartment. (And she sleeps in Janus’ bed, who wouldn’t want that!) I must get out the instruction book!

  12. 23

    Grace said,

    Hi Deborah~~ Your photo is precious, especially with the heart behind it. I’m sure that missing Piper is much more bearable thanks to her new digs, bless her heart.

    I know what you mean about taking the time to learn these electronic gadgets we’ve been pleasantly bombarded with. I just want to know, already. I don’t want to learn. I just want to know. Why can’t it work that way? LOL

    BTW, I love the name Piper. Love it.

    • 24

      Grace, I am just glad that I get to see her, we become so attatched to our pets, don’t we. Piper was actually named after an airplane, (my husband grew up flying). He wanted to change the name of our other dog from Suzy (we got her as an adult) to Cessna (another plane), but I wouldn’t let him!
      I would love to have some kind of heatset that I put on, go to sleep, and arise knowing everything I need to know about them!

  13. 25

    Meredith said,

    Aw, Deborah, that is heart-breaking. I once had to leave behind a cat friend (in good hands, but still…), and I’m so glad you got to leave Piper where you can visit her sometimes and where she is certainly having a good and full life. She looks like such a sweetie!

    I hope you can one day develop a new dog friendship where you’ve settled now — whenever you’re ready, of course. Maybe the tiny flat will not be such a drawback for a smaller pup?

    • 26

      Piper is having a great life Meredith, way better than mine, lol. Next time I am coming back as one of Janus’ dogs, they do get spoiled. I am hoping that we will get another, or a few, but probably when we move to Kilbourne Grove, full time.

  14. 27

    Dear Deborah,

    I feel really very honoured by your words, thank you so much. Since I started blogging you have been one of the reasons I have continued to post as you have always been so friendly, and supportive with comments and messages on Blot which has meant a great deal to me. I am not sure I will be able to pick just one favourite photo, but I will try and see what I can come up with.

    I love your photo of Piper it conveys so much love and warmth. I am sorry she has not been able to be with you, it must be very hard. I had to leave my beloved cat Siggy behind at Tumbledown when I was studying in Reading and it was tough, even though I knew she had a happy home and was well looked after.

    I shall report back after much rifling through photos!

    RO xxx

    • 28

      RO, thank you for your very heartfelt comment, it was most touching. It was very hard for me to pick a picture as well, at least I thought it was, until I came to this, and I knew it was “The One”, (just like when I met my husband)! Looking forward to your “The One”.

  15. 29

    reapwhatyougrow said,

    What a lovely photo, especially given the meaning behind it. The depth of attachment shows in your comments. What a hard decision to make to leave her behind, but it sounds as though she will have a lovely life where she is.

  16. 31

    Rosie said,

    Hi Deborah
    Firstly a great photo!
    It must be a real tug at your heart strings with this post – bringing back so many happy memories and I am sure you are content knowing that she is so happy now especially with that pond to splash about it. Do you get to visit her or does your friend keep you up to date?

    I think your choice of 3 blogs is excellent – the last one was a new one to me so I’ve been over having a wee lookie.

    and finally congrats to miss m

    • 32

      Thank you Rosie, I do get to visit her, not as often as I would like, she lives 2 hours away, and with a second house it is hard to spare a weekend. We always worry about something going wrong when we are not there.
      I am glad that I got to introduce you to someone new, Melissa is quite a clever photographer.

  17. 33

    What a lovely picture – I think the thing about photography is the feeling of soul behind the image – and your picture certainly has that – what a beautiful dog Piper is.

    • 34

      Thank you, what a lovely compliment that is, I am touched that you can feel the emotion behind the picture.
      And thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I hope to see you back again soon.

  18. 35

    GloriaBonde said,

    Hi Deborah, I can relate to learning how to use the camera. Just this week I figured out how to use the macro. Never knew it was there. LOL – Your picture is very sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog – Gloria

  19. 37

    Piper reminds me of Susie, our black and white English setter, who was a member of our family for fourteen years. It sounds like Piper is very happy, but I can imagine how you miss her. Our Susie lived to run, hunt, dig, and get very dirty. Giving her a bath was a chore without reward. But she was a happy dog who embraced life at full speed. We all loved her very much.

    • 38

      Deborah, I cannot believe it, our other English setter was named Susie. She was 14 when we went to England, and my parents took her. She died 5 months after we arrived in England, many, many tears. Those setters really get dirty don’t they, the feathers seem to catch all kinds of debris. They are lovely dogs when they run aren’t they, so graceful, bounding like a deer.

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