Oops! What have I done?

I can’t believe I did it!

I swore that I never would!

But, Teza asked, and all my defences crumbled.

Oh, he was smart I will give him that. He dangled the honour of writing on his blog, like a carrot in front of me, but there was one tiny little request.

“What did he ask you to do”? you ask.    

 “Post a photograph of myself”, I reply.

                                       Teza and Friends’ Garden Forum

If you are crazy or curious enough to want to see a photograph of me (and a few words as well), visit Teza and Friends’ Garden Forum. A number of brilliant, informative and funny gardeners (why they asked me, I will never know) will be “talking” once a month on a wide variety of garden subjects.

Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. 1

    fairegarden said,

    Can’t wait, must rush right over!

  2. 3

    Joy said,

    Deborah girl .. I appreciate that you posted your picture with our group conversation (I have mine on my blog so I just thought why do THAT again to all of you ? LOL) ..Do you know I have no idea what I am going to say about next month’s conversation ? I am in full “Duh ?” mode on THAT one .. good grief !!

  3. 5

    teza said,

    I shall let you know that there were absolutely no alterior motives (nudge, nudge, wink) with my suggesting that people include a photo of themselves, but curiosity got the better of me when you mentioned the color of your hair in one of our correspondences….. and besides Shane thinks it only fitting to see what you look like before he bestows upon you the honorary title of ‘Queen of the Fruitflies’ He so detests the name fag hag! Am I forgiven?

    • 6

      The Queen is slightly amused and has decided to forgive you. I also detest fag hag, I am no hag(at least I hope not).
      You cannot really see my hair colour in this picture, I need to take one in the sun, and then there is a blaze of glory, lol. I guess you will see when you visit the Grove.

  4. 7

    OK, Deborah, you have shattered my illusions – I thought you were an old lady like me – why, you look barely more than a teenager! Are you sure you didn’t dredge that photo up from your archives? Thanks for leading me over to Teza – another great blog I had not yet explored. I’m thinking I should quit my hospital work and blog full time so I won’t miss out on so many great gardens. Oh, no pay check? Well, maybe not, but wouldn’t it be fun!

    • 8

      Deborah, have you heard of Photoshop? I am only kidding, I did no touch ups, I promise, although I wish that I had thought of it! I am an old lady, the big 50 this year. (How did THAT happen!)
      I am glad that I introduced you to Teza, he is quite the fascinating character. I know what you mean about work, is kept me so busy at Christmas, that I have only started to catch up.

  5. 9

    Nell Jean said,

    We’re crazy about you. I am so relieved to know you don’t really look like a stone lion.

  6. 11

    Gloria Bonde said,

    Hi Deborah – It is so good to see your picture. The stone lion just doesn’t do you justice. You have a great smile. Cast out that lion! Gloria

    • 12

      Thank you for the lovely compliment Gloria. I orginally picked the lion as I wasn’t sure that I wanted everyone to know what I looked like. But, I have met so many lovely people, like yourself that it seems a shame to hide behind my lion.

  7. 13

    Great post, great picture. And the image of a japanese maple underplanted with meconopsis has me swooning! I’m all about pushing the zones, it’s my version of living dangerously lol.

  8. 17

    leavesnbloom said,

    Yes Deborah its great to finally put a face to your posts – look forward to reading over at Teza’s place too. I’m gonna find out soon whether or not I have got away with living on the dangerous side of the zones after this bitter winter we are having.


  9. 19

    miss m said,

    Well hello Deborah, it’s so nice to meet you ! 😀 (Great pic !)
    Enjoyed the TFGF post very much !

  10. 21

    Grace said,

    Deborah~~ Well at least Teza ASKED you. Nary a query to me. Probably because I’ve shamelessly mounted my portrait all over the place. What was I thinking? I see that Alice is also no longer a mystery. I like your unpretentious smile.

  11. 23

    How nice to see your lovely smiling face. I hope it won’t be our last glimpse of you. What have you been hiding from?

  12. 25

    Joanne said,

    Well good for you and thank you for the link sounds interesting.

  13. 27

    I am looking forward to reading these posts! Lovely peony photo! It is great to see your picture too.

  14. 29

    Anna said,

    Nice to see the face behind the name Deborah.Teza did ask but as is a lady’s prerogative I declined. I shall be remaining a mystery for the foreseeable future:)

  15. 31

    Don’t you just love it when people push us to do something? I don’t always 😉 However, I am glad Teza pushed you to publish your photo. You look amazing for being 50. I have to go visit and see your post.

  16. 33

    wendy said,

    I’m glad he did!! I swear when I saw your photo my first thought was “wow, she’s so cute!” really. This was like 20 minutes ago before I read this post. I think I might have pictured you a bit older too – no particular reason why. That will be a fun job!

  17. 34

    wendy said,

    what? you’re 50? Ok, I swear I posted my comment above (thinking you were like 35 or something) and then as I went to check if my comment went through, read the one above that said you were 50! ha ha ha!

    • 35

      Actually, I am 49 1/2, I will be 50 on June 6th. That has made it really easy to enter my birthday on forms 06/06/60, lol.
      I wonder if readers picture me as being older because I have two houses, or maybe no kids. Not that 50 is young(of course, that depends on what side of it you are on).

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