New Years Resolutions

               Welcome to 2010!

I hope that everyone out there had a great New Years, so great, that you are only just recovering from it,  and you cannot even remember dancing on the table,  but there are incriminating photos,  ok, enough talk about me…

These are my New Years resolutions for 2010 and they are way easier than vowing to lose that 20 pounds again.

1. Lay out the path to the front door. I do not wish service men to come to my kitchen/back door anymore, catching me in my knickers. (With that extra 20 pounds, it is embarrassing for both of us!)

2. The Peony Walk will have its south side beds, laid out, all in preparation for fall planting.

3. I will finish the Serviceberry Allee.

4. Actually, I have just thought of a fourth, and it would have to be accomplished before number 2. We need a drainage pipe laid behind our house, and this would actually run right under the Peony Walks path. It would be good to accomplish this first!

5. Make the path, running east/west through the Lime Walk, so you can travel between the Yew Garden and the Croquet Lawn.

6. Cedar buttresses in the Lime Walk?, this is still not a for sure.

7. Extend the Flora Glade, all the way to the berm on the west side of the garden.

8. Make a second bed for Teza. This again is still not for sure, will have to remeasure the space (when I can actually see the ground again) and see how wide a second bed would be, after leaving room for a path between them.

This is probably enough work for the summer, (I am sure that Ian is getting grey hair, just thinking about it). Hopefully, I will not be wasting every weekend cutting the grass this summer, like I did last!

What are your New Years Resolutions?


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    I still find it funny your hubby’s name is Ian, as my son’s name is too ? .. it didn’t used to be all that common except in the UK ? haha
    You are a brave person to make resolutions Deborah ! .. I do have one absolute burning desire (other than losing weight issue too .. I think the treadmill is in there some where as well ? LOL)
    My burning desire is to find that Korean Maple tree to replace the horrific lilac .. if I could only be sure I have a source for that .. I am going to make sure I do one way or another !!

  2. 3

    fairegarden said,

    Hi Deborah, whew, you scared me for a moment with the photos of the table dancing, glad to hear it was you rather than….

    We really don’t make resolutions, but always make a list of things to do in the garden. Your list sounds daunting yet doable. Getting those pathways done will make life better in everyway, knickers included.

    We are dreaming at present of adding some type of conifer or small leaved evergreen that can be pruned in the Japanese cloud pruning method. I am thinking yew, or small leaf holly at the moment. And more mulching, always more mulching. 🙂


    • 4

      Frances, I never would have mentioned the pictures of you dancing on the table, my lips are sealed on that one…whoops!

      Really looking forward to the path, or I will have to get some new knickers!

  3. 5

    mothernaturesgarden said,

    I still have to put up my Christmas tree. 😦

  4. 7

    Hey Deborah, Yes, you must get the path to the front door completed, the service men/knickers visual is too much! Still lots of work ahead, I hope you find it energizing and not overwhelming. It all sounds so beautiful, I didn’t remember about the peony walk, I just discovered a new peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’, I think it’s gorgeous, and I will see if I can find a spot for one.

    Teza is very lucky, that you are sharing your beds with him. 😉

  5. 9

    miss m said,

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a peek at those incriminating photos ! 😀
    The only resolutions I’m willing to make are garden-related, too. Great list !

  6. 11

    Yan said,

    There’s a lot of hard labour tied up in those resolutions so I suspect you will lose your 20lb anyway! It does sound very beautiful.

  7. 13

    teza said,

    Deborah Dahling:
    Will you never cease trying to get me into your bed(s)?!? You know, this is just the motivation that I need…. trying to limit my ‘Wishlist’ and all…… restraint be damned! I am still plotting out a planting for bed the first……
    Love your ideas! A peony walk sounds wonderful, but please make sure to include a species selection or two…. ( Molly the Witch, and P. tenuifolia would be smashing!} Listen to me….. that’s my Wishlist talking out loud again! Can’t wait to see the progress of these revolutions! Cheers!

    • 14

      Teza, I am never going to cease, you tease me with all your words and I need you to follow through!
      Would love to include a few species peonys, I have wanted Molly for 20 years, why have I never got her?

  8. 15

    leavesnbloom said,

    Deborah you’re brave putting resoloutions on your blog! I have a few plans but they all depend on whats alive and whats dead once all this snow disappears. Look forward to seeing all your plans develop over 2010

    • 16

      Rosie, I think it is kind of like committing to exercising with someone, they are checking up on you. Hopefully, by putting this down in black and white, I will be shamed into finishing them all!

  9. 17

    As usual, Deborah, your list is huge – but as we all know, a gardener’s work (like a woman’s) is never done. Just putting together my list – it’s so daunting, I’m afraid to start.
    Happy New Year.

  10. 19


    I love the snow frosting your house. Something I will never see on mine…
    My resolution is to plant roses again in the garden and take the time to enjoy their wonderful fragrance 🙂

  11. 21

    Sounds like you have a lot to do! My own list isn’t as large, but I think I will be very happy if I can: add more plantings and structure to the lady garden, rework the wildflower/ perennial hillside, and double the size of the herb bed, which will involve building new walls. Happy gardening 2010!

  12. 23

    You will be as busy! I can’t wait to see photos of your resolutions – especially that serviceberry allee. If you don’t mind me asking, which serviceberry variety have you planted or are planting? Your garden sounds so beautiful with buttresses and walks and yew gardens … oh, and peonies – another on my list. More happy gardening returns this year and new ones, too!

    • 24

      I love being busy in the garden, time flies when I am out there, and it is all enjoyable.
      The serviceberry are the canadensis species. I wanted them for the birds, they seem to love the berries, and I want to attract more birds to the garden.

  13. 25

    wendy said,

    I too, would rather tackle all those things than lose 20 pounds!!

    Garden related – I would LOVE to figure out a way to utilize the garden in my side yard. Everytime I come up with a loose plan, I fall out of like with it. Soo…I need to be patient and not rush it. I have another one that I might e-mail you about. I have a question about something you mentioned before.

    • 26

      Wendy, side yards are always a problem, they seem to become just passageways to the back yard. Sometimes it is good to just mull things over in your mind, I have changed my mind several times about different designs. Look forward to your e-mail.

  14. 27

    Deborah, your list sounds very exciting. Come autumn, you will have made great progress!

    We are opening up our dining room to the back this year with patio doors and doing some hardscaping to accomodate that. I think it will really change how we enjoy the garden, even looking out at it in the winter.

    BTW, I think gardening is the best way to ‘work your butt off’! 🙂

    • 28

      Then why is my butt still there, lol! Ms. S, your plans with the dining room sound lovely, it will really open up the space in the room, and you will enjoy your garden so much more (if that is possible). I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your project.

  15. 29

    A great list Deborah! Your garden sounds fab with allees and walks and rooms. I do not make resolution (I would just disappoint myself) I do hope to get some fencing in this year to keep the rabbits out of my veggies! Dig and divide and there are always those prized plants and shrubs I must have. Joe and Wayne are giving me many great ideas. Good luck with all your plans. All best to you in this New Year! Carol

    • 30

      Thank you Carol. The garden resolutions are fairly easy for me to keep, unlike life resolutions, so those are the only ones I make. I got Joe and Waynes book for Christmas, looking forward to reading it.

  16. 31

    Kassie said,

    My resolution is to try not to envy others’ gardens, and get busy in the limited time I have in mine. I so adore following the adventures you are having, and enjoy the references to the influences that have brought you to them. Can’t wait to see the pleaching process!
    Best wishes for the new year!

    • 32

      Kassie, it is a pleasure to see you back here. I know that we have a common love for some of the “influences” on my garden. I hope the pleaching process runs smoothly and there is something to show. I think it may take a number of years before it looks like anything!

  17. 33

    Deborah, A bold list for a weekend gardener, but if anyone can do it, you can! Besides the 20 pounds thing, my list is more generic: make my front garden less of an embarrassment. That leaves me wide open for any form of improvement. Happy New Year!

  18. 35

    Diana said,

    Best of luck with your resolutions and I know you can do it all. A very Happy New Year to you!

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