Holiday Magic!

This is a very busy time of year for me. A lot of companies seem to all have their Christmas parties the middle of December. And a lot of people are looking for gifts as well.

As promised, here are a few things we have been working on.

These are Goldcrest Cypress.

A mix of amaryllis, paperwhites and cypress.

Helleborus are starting to be sold as a blooming potted plant at Christmas for the first time this year. Here it is planted with the cypress.

Here they are planted by themselves. I hope that my Secret Santa gives me one of these.

Paperwhites, cypress, stephanotis hoops and frosty ferns have pinecones nestled in a bed of moss.

A vase arrangement of cymbidium orchids, magnolia, bc cedar, pine cones and oregonia.

Now some flower arrangements. Amaryllis and leucadendron with a few paperwhites, commercial mums and gold pinecones.


The same flowers as the arrangement above,  but with roses instead of mums.

An arrangement to go with the centerpieces above. This is for the bar.

A centerpiece.

A very tall arrangement needed for a Christmas party. We used cello in the base to raise the flowers up. Add water, and it looks like ice.

We will often use a large leaf to line a vase, this hides the water (if it gets murky) and is a different look from just a clear vase.

Another party waits to be delivered. One more week to go…..


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  1. 1

    Joy said,

    Deborah … these are such gorgeous plantings as gifts .. I would love the hellebore arrangements but I am such a sucker for white roses .. I absolutely love them (but they also have to have fragrance !!) .. I hope you get what you really want from Santa !! LOL

    • 2

      Joy, I wish more commercially grown roses had a fragrance, there is only one that I find noticeable, luckily enough it is a white. I do hope I was a good girl this year, I might find out the hard way, lol.

  2. 3

    fairegarden said,

    All lovely, Deborah! You are such an artist! We love that cypress. We bought some last year and planted them outside in the ground. They have done well, so far. Fingers crossed they will be unscathed after this winter. If so, there will be more added, for they are inexpensive and gorgeous! They do make those planters so elegant. 🙂

  3. 5

    Hellebores, ahhh, how beautiful in a potted planter. Great idea. Also love the tip to use cello as “ice” in a tall vase. Gorgeous as always. Hang in there, it’s almost over and then you can put your feet up in the snowy north.

  4. 7

    miss m said,

    Does this girl have a dream job or what !
    Lovely, lovely, lovely !

  5. 9

    Nell Jean said,

    Mouth-watering delicious. Amaryllis plays well with others.

  6. 11

    Kiki said,

    Gorgeous work as always!! You are super talented..awesome!I always enjoy your posts!

  7. 13

    teza said,

    Oooh, I love the Helleborus used in the arrangement, and on its own, and think that perhaps this will be the companion to my yearly Cyclamen plant. Cannot stand the Poinsettia, regardless of its colour!
    Absolutely fabulous designs, and the cello or the large leaf, what brilliant ideas,. must remember that. Oh, the geek comes out now…… is it only Helleborus Walhelivor (Ivory Prince) that you use? Methinks that is what is pictured. It is the most floriferous by far!
    Must run…. glad you liked the Happy vs Gay post… wait til you see the Post Office one…..

    • 14

      Teza, interesting to know what variety you think the helleborus is, I will check tomorrow with the grower to see if they know, it is very floriferous! Looking forward to reading about your adventures with the Post.

  8. 15

    What a great post, love those moss pictures. I’ve been giving out little cypress trees as Chrismas presents, I think they are charming. I love the helleborus arrangements, and the white arrangement with amaryllis and paperwhites. Beautiful tour of the flower shop. 🙂

  9. 17

    Joanne said,

    You have such a talent with plants and flowers it is nice of you to share these photos with us.

  10. 19

    Barbara H. said,

    Very lovely….and creative. Looks like you all work well under pressure!

  11. 21

    Angela Davis said,

    Wow! These are all amazing!

  12. 23

    Hi Deborah, I think the helleborus/ cypress combination is fabulous. What a fun job you have! All of these arrangements are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. 25

    I have to join the fan club and say the Helleborus arangements are fabulous! I also love anything with lots of white against the winter greenery.

    Personally, I would be thrilled to have any one of these arrangements in my home 🙂

  14. 27

    Tatyana said,

    So many great ideas! You are very creative, artistic people over there!

  15. 29

    Elephant's Eye said,

    And I love how you have made those deep burgundy Leucadendrons glow like gems. In South Africa we are used to treating them as filler foliage. They do look breathtaking growing wild on the mountain, but our garden down here is too hot (It died …)

  16. 31

    You know, I have always secretly wanted to work in a florist shop. I love all of the arrangements. Especially the ones with paperwhites. I need to remember your trick of lining the vase with a large leaf…it is beautiful and practical 🙂

  17. 33

    Jen said,

    Now, I don’t know why I never saw your blog before. But I am glad to find it. What amazingly lovely work you do.


  18. 35

    Wendy said,

    Wooooow, how beautiful! I bet these arrangements sell for a lot? I especially like the first few, and I love the use of a potted hellebores – one of my favorite plants.

    What a great idea for using a large leaf to line the inside of the vase – so simple, and contemporary looking. Thanks for sharing these great ideas again!!

    • 36

      Yes they do, the small vase arrangements start at $100 and the larger ones $200-$300. The lined vase is great, sometimes we will cut a leaf off one of the plants in the store to use, shh… don’t tell anybody!
      You are so welcome, Wendy!

  19. 37

    Deborah, your flower designs are amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to wish you a very merry christmas together with the ones you love and love you, and may next year brings much blessings and happiness, good health, prosperity and tons of love.
    Con mucho cariño,
    Maria Cecilia

  20. 39

    puppyparents said,

    Looks great Deb!!!
    Gorgeous work…as always!!!!

  21. 41

    Barbara said,

    What beautiful tasteful arrangements you have. I love helleborus, after having only recently discovered it. This year I’ve already received two as gifts and cherish them both. Mine are potted – do they suffer if they stay inside in the heated air for too long, I’m wondering? The ground in the garden is now frozen solid, so I can’t plant them. Any advice?

    • 42

      Barbara, they can stay inside, for a “shortish” period. I have kept them in the house for 2 to 3 months last winter before planting them in the garden. They might look a bit unhappy near the end, but they will perk up once they are planted. Try to keep them in a cooler spot. Good luck!

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