Do They Know It’s Christmas!

How can they not? Look what we did to the flower shop last week.

Starting with the outside, two galvanized pots are filled with 6 foot birch poles flanking  the entrance. Although you cannot see it, the centre is stuffed with moss.

This is the view that most customers see, if they are just walking by. Hopefully, it is eyecatching enough to draw them in.

On one side of the room we have a fireplace mantle. This has  been a lovely feature, and always interesting to display on. We have placed a small wooden table in front of it for an extra display area this Christmas.

This is the other side. It is much brighter as it has a window behind it. Customers can see in from the outside as well as from the inside, so the displays have to be arranged so they can be viewed from both sides.

These four pictures hanging over our design desk are actually framed moss. They were created for last Christmas and have stayed up all year. They have not deteriorated at all. I love them!

Look at the beautiful colours in the cooler now. See the peonies from New Zealand.

This is the front display window, sorry for the glare.

Unlike most retailers, we do not start decorating for Christmas in October. To me this is ridiculous. It seems to start earlier every year. I do not even want to think about Christmas when there is still leaves on the trees, veggies to harvest, that is autumn. Christmas is a winter holiday. Can the stores not wait to decorate, we all know Christmas is coming, no need to shove our faces in it. (Sorry, I guess that is a touchy point.)

To me (personally) any time after the middle of November, it can start, all though at the flower shop I am working at now, we have always decorated the last weekend in November.

So much of what we sell is perishable, we cannot afford to start too early. Next week, I will show you some of the designs we are making for Christmas.



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  1. 1

    fairegarden said,

    Oh Deborah I would come rushing in to see more of your shop with those lovely displays! Every single thing you have shown is so tastefully done. The birch logs, the white theme, the mantel, but really, that framed moss is something I must know more about! Is it glued to foam, how is it mounted? I want to do that! We have so much moss here and I need a small project to add to the millions already on the list. 🙂

    • 2

      Frances, I would love to see you in the shop. Thank you for the compliments.
      It is sheet moss, glued onto a thin foam board. It is mounded up so it is three dimensional. We sprayed it with something called Pixy Dust, which we bought from a floral supply wholesaler, but it is really just a anti desiccant to stop it from drying out to quickly. Then matted and framed. We have had them on display for over a year and they have held their colour quite well. But there is no sunlight in the store, that would dry them out and fade them as well.
      Would love to see pictures if you decide to make them.

      • 3

        Just butting in…do they require any watering? An occasiona spray?

      • 4

        No, once they had been sprayed with that anti desiccant, we didn’t touch them again.

      • 5

        Thanks, sounds easy. If I can find the right stuff I’ll give it a try. 🙂

      • 6

        fairegarden said,

        Thanks for reminding me to come back, Deborah. And thanks too Rebecca for that good question. I believe this is doable here, for we have more than enough moss. Getting it to stick might be tough, but I have made moss covered styrofoam balls, that I still have after over ten years inside. I used gold thread to wrap the moss and hold it on. That could be done with the squares as well. Now to remember to give it a try, things are getting busy here and I am a poor multitasker. Maybe tie a piece of gold thread on my finger….

      • 7

        We just put a ton of glue on, they have held up quite well. If you do not want to “see” the wire, fishing line works as well.

  2. 8

    Joy said,

    hey there Deborah !
    I totally agree with you on the decorating way too early for Xmas .. especially since October is my favorite month of the year .. I don’t want to see anything to do with Xmas that early .. leave me alone and let me enjoy the Autumn !!
    Wow on those displays .. they are certainly eye catching .. I loved the Dutch flower shops they had amazing things in them .. I think North America on the whole is catching up to their styles : )

    • 9

      Joy, I am glad that you have the good sense to agree with me, lol. I love autumn as well, and it is so short, and winter so long.
      I only visited a couple of Dutch flower shops while I was there, but Europe as a whole is way ahead, but we keep trying.

  3. 10

    Janie said,

    You are truly talented! I would have to come in to ‘browse’, and once in, I am easily converted to customer! LOL Beautiful!

  4. 12

    miss m said,

    What a lovely boutique ! Everything is so stunning.
    I like the many styles on display. The framed moss is really groovy. Sleek and organic, very trendy. Magnifique in any season !

  5. 14

    Amy Emerick said,

    Looks beautiful and I would walk right in! It all looks so pretty and inviting. -Amy

  6. 16

    Wow wow wow. The white centre display is absolutely stunning, and I love the moss pictures. I’d be in much more trouble here than in a candy store! I’ve been on a vertical garden kick lately, but don’t know where to start. The moss frames might be a great introduction. Were they difficult to construct?

    • 17

      Rebecca, they were quite easy. (till you burn yourself on the hot glue, ouch). I put instructions on the reply to Frances.
      The vertical wall, I have an idea, I will leave a message on Blotanical.

  7. 18

    Sarah said,

    Beautiful work! I LOVE those peonies! I wish they would invent smell-i-net so we could smell the shop!

    • 19

      Sarah, the coral ones are a bit of a let down in the fragrance department. But we had really gorgeous white ones that I didn’t take a picture of that were so fragrant. (that is a great part of my job).

  8. 20

    Your store is beautiful as ever. I love the orchids and the window is fantastic. Gorgeous as always!!

  9. 22

    this looks great. I love how clean you keep everything.

    • 23

      Thanks Joseph, we try to design a bit more clean and less fussy. Of course, there are always customers that want that more traditional look.
      Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope to see you again soon. Actually, I would love to see you at my garden, armed with all those lovely clippers that you showed on your blog. lol

  10. 24

    I really like the framed moss! ( You know how I love moss) I wish I wasn’t so far away; I would love to visit your shop. Thanks for the peek.

  11. 26

    What a fabulous space! The displays are invigorating and the pots and fixtures are a great mix of contemporary and traditional. Lovely!

  12. 28

    Nell Jean said,

    It’s all so lovely, I’d be drawn right in. Looking at pictures of floral displays is as mouth-watering as looking at photos of food. Everything in your shop looks so fresh and cool.

    Birch is a novelty here, as it doesn’t grow here. My neighbor brought me fireplace logs from Michigan once, to display in the summer, not to burn.

    • 29

      Nell, even though birch does grow here, it is still a lovely displat. I have a big copper stock pot by me fireplace with birch in it. My brother in llaw once made a mistake and threw a piece on the fire, he never heard the end of it.

  13. 30

    Grace said,

    Hi Deborah~~ So THIS is where you’re spending so much time. What a beautiful shop. It must be a lot of fun.

  14. 32

    Lovely Lovely shop Deborah! It looks like a garden! Being a free lance flower arranger myself … I know how much work goes into all that beauty. I love the way you display your flowers in simple clear glass. Your clever use of greens is so stunning. My studio looks similar (flower wise) when working on gigs. I do events only so it is rather a shock to have so many flowers and then to have an empty studio soon after. I bit of post creation sets in on occasion, but never lasts for long during the growing season. I wonder if you have ever heard of Fine Flowers by Phone? Carol

    • 33

      Thanks for all the lovely compliments, even more pleasureable when they come from someone in the “trade”. You know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into all the arrangements.
      When I was a designer at a Kigston flower shop, we were a member of Fine Flowers. Barbara Brooks started a wire service with the “finest” florists. The shop I am at now is a member of Teleflora, but does not use their “arrangements”. We accept orders, but design them to our style. It is mostly used for send outs.
      Thank you for visiting Carol, I hope to see you again soon.

      • 34

        Deborah, What a small world … I was featured in both of Barbara’s books. I thought you looked her style. I do not do the service anymore, however, for my minimum had to be so high for folks. I did send them off to great shops. I think it is great how things are changing these days… where now we can get flowers organic … where we know they treat their workers decent. . This did not exist when I started twenty eight years ago. Good luck with all the Christmas rush! Glad to have connected. Carol

  15. 35

    Joanne said,

    What a lovely shop how talented you are love the red paeonies. I am so behind with blogging with being away so many lovely posts I must have missed.

  16. 37

    Liisa said,

    The store looks beautiful. So glad that there is a retailer that doesn’t believe in decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. 🙂 Your flowers are beautiful, I’d like some of each!!

  17. 39

    Kathleen said,

    I just found your blog and LOVE all your floral displays. I agree with Frances, everything is VERY tastefully done and modern. Something you don’t always see. I would love to wander about and just soak it all in. Wish you were closer since there is nothing anywhere near as nice here.

  18. 41

    Barbara said,

    So if I see this right, you get to work in that wonderful flower shop (or maybe you run it?), then go home and do patio gardening, then go out to your house and do serious gardening. And all three are places of beauty. Thanks for sharing that bit of your life with us. I also fully agree with waiting a little on Christmas – I am already tired of seeing nothing but poinsettias wherever I go, even though I do like them.

    • 42

      Work, although sometimes it feels like I am running it, I am the most senior employee and we have had a high turnover of staff in the last six months. Wow, when I read your comment, it sounds like I work really hard, lol. My house is a mess though, a real work in progress(progess only made from Jan-march). You know what I am doing the rest of the time.

  19. 43

    catmint said,

    thanks deborah for sharing your workplace with us. It is very beautiful, and although I am sure it gets stressful and too busy at times, it must be very satisfying to be able to be so creative and aesthetic. The flowers are really beautiful, i think the roses are my favourites still. cheers, catmint

  20. 45

    Wendy said,

    what a nice shop. I would love to visit this shop!

  21. 47

    i think most flower shops these days use plant food to extend the life of cut flowers~*,

  22. 49

    […] third most popular post ever, (about my garden) is this one. My first is this, makes sense, people want to get ideas for Christmas, who better to come to then a florist. This […]

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