Let Me Tell You A Story…

There have been a lot of posts lately about why you have started blogging. From poignant like Mary Delles to funny like Rosey, everyone (like the leaves below)  has a different reason.

gardenOct09 134

My husband and I have been transferred around with his job numerous times. Although I enjoy it, it makes it difficult to keep up with family and friends. Sometimes you feel like you are having the exact same conversation with fifty different people, you forget who you told and who you didn’t, (and that can be a problem)!

When we first moved back from England and purchased Kilbourne Grove, I used to write long e-mails about our “forever” house. Then when I finally got a digital camera (in May, what can I say, I bought a Beta video recorder) I used to attach pictures as well. I have always hated it when you would get one of those group e-mails with tons of names at the top, it felt so impersonal to me, so I would send out individual e-mails, over and over again. Everyone wanted details, and then they would e-mail questions back, and that would lead to another e-mail. It became a full-time job (although a ture labour of love).

A friend of mine started her own blog and was talking about it at work one day. The light bulb went off, this way, it would be one post, and everyone could read it at their convenience.  They could comment, I could answer, and if someone else had the same question, why, it was already answered.  Why didn’t I think of this before?

 I published my first post on May 30, 2009. It was called It is a New World. I think that WordPress chose that title, and I just filled in the blanks.

Then came June 5, 2009. The post “Free Plants Are Great“. Now I could give all the details and show pictures too. All my friends and family could see it in one easy to write post.

I never looked back.


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  1. 1

    fairegarden said,

    Great story Deborah! Moving has its advantages and drawbacks, but living in England, wow! Blogging is so much fun, sharing your garden with friends and family and the blogdom as a whole is just the best! We are so glad you started. 🙂

    • 2

      You are so right Frances, but every move was worth it, just for the posting to London. One day, I should write about it.
      I am very glad I started blogging, and you were one of the first to take an interest in my blog. I learned a lot from you, you made me feel very welcome (even though you didn’t know who I was). The best lesson you taught me was to take the time to answer everyone. It was very important and exciting to me as a beginning blogger when I was answered, and I hope that one day, I can do that for some other newbie.

  2. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    I’m so glad you started and that you’ve never looked back. I’m so, so glad I discovered your blog, too! It’s been inspiring. But Deborah, I have to tell you that one of the things I like best is your gracious comments on the comments. You do the best job! Thanks so much.

    • 4

      Barbara, you are making me blush. You have been a very faithful supporter as well. You were probably the first commentor that came from nowhere, (you didn’t have a blog and were returning the visit). I remember being so excited by your comments, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog.

  3. 5

    teza said,

    I fondly remember the day I stumbled across your site…. I was so excited to know that there was someone who lived and gardened within an hour from me. It gave me reason to believe that ‘we’ could conquer the harsh Z4-5 winters, and live to write (blog) about it.
    Moving is difficult, but you have been given a stupendous tapestry with Kilbourne Grove, with which to create a garden that, judging from it’s progress thus far, is destined to rival some of England’s greatest! Most importantly of all, it has rewarded me with a true gardening friend. Someone to whinge with when frosts cut down my precious kids in June!!! I am so happy that you have discovered the fantastical world of blogging – and the Blotanical family at the same time.
    I so look forward to future postings and hopefully getting an opportunity to visit and revel in the glory that is Kilbourne Grove! Thank you for the wonderful friendship you have brought to my life!



    • 6

      Teza, you are being too kind, I should say stop it, but really I love it! If my garden was 1/10 as great as some of those English gardens, I would die a happy woman.
      You were the one to drag me into Blotanical, and I am very grateful that you did.
      Kilbourne Grove (and me) are looking forward to your visit!

  4. 7

    Janie said,

    You found the perfect solution to your problem, and I am so glad you did. I am so glad I found your blog, too. I enjoy it so much, even though we are worlds apart in our gardening efforts. It is good to know that you are not the only one with challenges in the garden- well, in life too.

    We also lived in England. I would not trade that time for anything, We loved it.

    ‘Course, we love hot old Texas, too!

    • 8

      Janie, thank you for your kind words. Blotanical is a great way to find blogs from all over the world. It is amazing how much you can learn from each other, even though Ontario and Texas are very far apart. It makes the world a much smaller place, don’t you think?

  5. 9

    Deborah, You’re a blogging natural, and I agree that your comments on the comments are always welcome and allow us to continue the conversation when we return, creating a sense of community. We can all learn from you.

    • 10

      Thank you Helen, that is a very nice thing to say. There has been many a time that I have made a comment on some ones blog, hoping to get a response, but nothing. It is my intention to never have that happen on my blog!

  6. 11

    I went back and looked at your freebie post, and wow, what a fabulous ribbon of muscari. It’s so much fun to watch Kilbourne Grove develop, perfect for blogging.

  7. 13

    I’m glad you started blogging! Did you ever expect to meet so many new friends this way? Aren’t the fallen leaves beautiful? I started to take some more pictures of fallen leaves today, but I had to stop myself as my blog has enough fallen leaves already. Or maybe not – anyway, yours make a marvelous collage.

    • 14

      Deborah, I cannot believe how many garden friends I have made. They totally understand my obsession, something my husband and regular friends do not get.
      I do love the looks of the leaves. It is nice to see all the different trees on the property. Hopefully, many more to come!

  8. 15

    miss m said,

    I started this year too and for the longest time couldn’t decide if I should keep at it or not. (To this day, I take more pleasure in reading other ppl’s blogs than writing my own. In re to your first post, I don’t feel the need or urge to ‘expose’ myself either). But I’m glad I did (if only to sharpen my writing skills, especially in English!).
    The whole blogging experience has been nothing but positive so far and I’ve met so many fine people, one of which is Deborah, at Kilbourne Grove. Maybe you know her ? 😛

    ps. I’m browsing through backposts, get ready for a few late comments ! (I’m searching for glimpses of England at the same time, there better be some in there ! …)

    • 16

      Oh no, Miss M. You will not find any pictures of England. We did not own a digital camera then. I have tons of pictures, must find someone with a scanner, so I can put some up at least.
      I have kept a written garden journal for many years, this is just an interactive version.

  9. 18

    Mary Delle said,

    Your beautiful house and garden are something to blog about. I’m so glad you took to blogging, so that we can enjoy the process too.

  10. 20

    Deborah, it is such a pleasure to follow your blog and watch your garden grow. Glad you joined Blotanical!

  11. 22

    Joy said,

    Deborah .. here I am so late in commenting .. this month has been CRAZY
    Yes !! blogging is the perfect solution to addressing every one’s questions about “how are you doing and what is going on ?”
    The e-mail thing .. the option to BCC (blind carbon copy) would have stopped all those tag along addresses .. just in case you need to do “that” some time again in the future ? LOL
    I have been an army wife for a very long time and moved every few years … from across Canada and finally Europe (for which I am very grateful of the experience) but .. having a home to settle in even with all of its foibles .. I still find it hard to believe we won’t move again ?? LOL
    I’m so happy to have a little clutch of Canadian bloggers to keep me company : )

    • 23

      Joy, I have become addicted to blogging. It has moved way beyond what I started it for. I have made so many new friends who totally get my obsession with my garden! Moving around has exposed us both to many new experiences and made us the totally fine women we are today!

  12. 24

    Tatyana said,

    I can appreciate what you said Deborah. I live far from relatives and many old friends. My blogs made it easier and certainly more fun to tell them about my life. With all your movings, you should have hundreds of stories to tell!

    • 25

      Tatyana, the internet is a god send when you live far from where you grew up! When my mum emmigrated from Scotland, they travelled by boat. They really expected to never, (or hardly ever) see the “old” country and their friends and family again. With the internet, you can “talk” to whoever you want, whenever you want. They can see and experience things through it. It is amazing!

  13. 26

    Wendy said,

    So true! Originally I thought it would also be impersonal to just expect everyone to read your blog, but having a blog doesn’t stop us from sending links to particular posts that our family and friends would enjoy – and does cut back on the work – almost busy work.

    I really like your photo with all the different leaves! Did you collect them all on a fall stroll?

    • 27

      That picture was such a fluke. I arrived at Kilbourne Grove and went out with my camera. I had it turned on when I went to check on the Japanese maples that I have heeled into the Kitchen Garden for the winter. I was looking at the trees and happened to look through the viewfinder as it was pointing at the ground and saw the leaves.This was a Mother Nature laid them, didn’t she do a good job!

  14. 28

    sequoiagardens said,

    Oh, I’m a little ashamed, Deborah… over the years at Mooseys, where we chat in forums, I’ve made good friends and am in the habit of ‘conversing’. However I’m shocking at keeping track of comments on my blog or at blotanical and responding, and don’t spend nearly as much time as I’d like looking at other people’s blogs – especially these last weeks as ‘normal’ life gets kick-started again! Thanks for a lesson and a practical demo of not only netiquette but also blogging friendships!

    • 29

      Jack, you are right in the thick of the busy season in a garden! When I started my blog, I did not get many comments, so they were easy to reply to. Now it is winter, and I will have a lot of time. In May, it will be a different story. WordPress always reminds me when I have a new comment so that makes it easier for me. And I very much enjoy reading the comments that people have made. I am always learning something!

  15. 30

    Joanne said,

    Well I am so pleased you started blogging so that we get to enjoy your posts.

    I started mainly as a journal for myself the visitors are the perks and the many blogs I follow are the iceing on the cake.

  16. 32

    Autumn Belle said,

    Deborah, I am glad you became a blogger. Your blog is very interesting and it is good to know more about the person behind the blog. I find that we can build genuine friedships among Blotanical community which is great.

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