Toronto Botanical Gardens-Fall Containers

TBG 069 OK, you are probably sick of the Toronto Botanical Gardens by now.  But look at this urn, it is all pumpkined up. How can you not want to see these.

This will be the last post on it for quite a while. The snow is coming and everything will be covered. So enjoy this while you can.

TBG 067

Love this, the cabbage with the stick of corkscrew hazel in it. Very graphic, linear line.

TBG 068

If you have an ivy topiary in your urns, just change the planting at the base for fall. The ivy can take quite a bit of cold.

TBG 070

And the same with your boxwoods.

TBG 081

Or you can pull out the more tender, frost sensitive plants, just leaving your cordyline. It looks lovely surrounded by grass.

TBG 083

Look, behind the planter, aren’t they cute?

TBG 084

A bit more traditional. You can add berries to the urn, just stick in a branch of crabapple, rosehips or bittersweet.

TBG 093

Love the echo of the white birch in the background.

TBG 096

You can use shrubs in your urns, like this hydrangea. If it is a cold area, like this part of Canada, you would want to plant the shrubs in the ground for winter.

TBG 097

Another shrub used in a planter.


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  1. 1

    Janie said,

    It is a shame all that is going to be covered with snow soon. The kale is beautiful, and is a favorite to put in the winter beds here.

  2. 3

    Jean said,

    I never tire of seeing pictures from Botanical Gardens. There isn’t one near me. Can we go inside the glass house next time?

  3. 4

    I do love Botanical Gardens as well. You always learn something from them. I will take you inside one day, I promise.

  4. 5

    Wow, that cabbage is really something. Great colour! 🙂

  5. 7

    Mary Delle said,

    The urn plantings are stunning. Well worth a post.

    • 8

      Thanks Mary Delle, a lot of people don’t bother planting for fall urns in Ontario, as the weather can change so quickly, and they might not last. But it is always nice to see them planted.

  6. 9

    miss m said,

    They put mine to shame ! lol. Superb !
    I’ve really enjoyed the TBG features. Thx so much for taking the time !

  7. 11

    Barbarapc said,

    I bet Paul Zammit had a hand in those glorious pots. Things really have improved since they hired him as Head of Horticulture – what a great eye. My fav is the corkscrew in amongst the cabbages. It would look great right up until the snow flies. Thanks for sharing – I’m a member, but didn’t get there this summer.

  8. 13

    Grace said,

    Hi Deborah~~ I love these! Each is unique and yet they all have an air of fun and frivolty. I love the soft, gray petina of the corkscrew. The purple arrangement under the hydrangea standard is especially eye catching. I don’t use ornamental cabbage/kale. I’m wondering why now. 🙂 I can’t speak for the rest of your readers but I for one haven’t tired of TBG at all.

  9. 15

    Barbara said,

    Hi Deborah,
    Found your blog through my friend in Germany’s gardening blog. I’m just starting to read it and am very entertained so far! Wanted to tell you that I belong to the Chicago Botanic Garden and there are some fall scenes posted on my blog from the garden, in case you are interested.


  10. 17

    Barbara said,

    P.S. My blog is and it isn’t a gardening blog, but I do have a good number of garden/nature photos on it you might enjoy!

  11. 19

    fairegarden said,

    Hi Deborah, these are fantastic! They really know how to make use of the fall plants for color and texture, don’t they? Love the birch limbs. 🙂

  12. 21

    Barbara said,

    And P.P.S. Deborah….I LOVE your house!!!

  13. 23

    Wendy said,

    ooooh, that’s awesome! I bought some of that purple cabbage but couldn’t really figure out what to do with it. it’s just sitting outside on a step like a lone dummy.

    I’m leaving you an honest scrap award on my blog. No pressure!! 🙂

  14. 25

    kellilou3 said,

    I found your blog looking for ways to incorporate cabbage into fall planters, and you’ve given me some great ideas! Thanks!

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