Well,  as promised, here are the pictures. Wow, what a rush to get everything done. It takes a long time to carve seven pumpkins.

gardenOct09 150

Our house, see it does look like the Munsters house!

gardenOct09 141

The front walk, the scene of the crime.

We started by pounding stakes into the ground along the front sidewalk. I decided to go with this method instead of digging holes for the base, I thought that they might not be stable enough. The last thing I wanted was a  “tree” falling over on some sweet little trick or treater.  Why did there have to be a wind warning that day. It wasn’t much fun trying to decorate in very windy, rainy conditions.

gardenOct09 151

Then I tied the old branches from the sugar maple to them, trying to angle them, so a bit of a tunnel effect emerged. I would have like to have done way more branches, but as always, I was in a race against the clock.

gardenOct09 154

After we started, I had second thoughts, would people poke their eyes if the branches were coming in? So, I decided to do straight up and down.

gardenOct09 157

We nestled some of the pumpkins against the base of the branches. Then using my “dollar store” cobwebs, strung them through the branches.

gardenOct09 160


Up at the porch, more cobwebs were strung. (I didn’t need to do any in the house, the spiders were already taking care of it for me). Now that garden season is winding down, I have no more excuses not to clean the house, boo!

gardenOct09 165

We decided to put three pumpkins up at the house.

gardenOct09 184

We have a lot of crows at Kilbourne Grove (real ones), so I decided to give a nod to them.

 gardenOct09 172

At dusk, with all the pumpkins lit, it looked fantastic. I had raked some leaves in just to make it look a bit fuller at the base.

gardenOct09 174


I am so happy at how the Hallowe’en decorations turned out.  I am already thinking about ideas for next year, as it is on a Sunday so we can be in residence. I just saw an article about making your own headstones, is that idea a bit over the top, Joy?


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  1. 1

    teza said,

    Your house is absolutely to DIE for… it’s gorgeous, stately and a bit spooky all at the same time – perfect for Hallowe’en. Was Stephen King the previous owner! LOL!!
    I like what you did along the walkway! Nice when you have a lot of room to ‘play’ with. Did you have many kids? It was the slowest Hallowe’en I can remember in years.
    Off to start moving the remaining plants, trees and shrubs into the hoop houses for winter, I cringe, because by the end of the week I will have ‘rescued’ half of them, and there will have gone my paycheque. Finished for the season Thursday. Resumes fresh off the press and ready to go! This is the only part of seasonal work that I do not aspire to!

    • 2

      Thank you for the compliments, Stephen King did not own it, but it was owned by a doctor who saw patients in the house. Everytime we find a bone in the yard, we joke about the doctors missing patients.
      Hallowe’en was crazy quiet, now I have all this candy to eat, oh well…

  2. 3

    Janie said,

    I love your house! Love it!

    Good post.

  3. 5

    fairegarden said,

    Hi Deborah, it is fabulous! The house and the decor you made for the trick or treaters. The branches and webbing made it very scary! What a great idea. You do have the perfect Hallowe’en house too. Write down your ideas before they escape into Christmas and beyond! 🙂

  4. 7

    Barbara H. said,

    Wow, I love your house. I think this is the first picture I’ve seen of it from the street. It’s wonderful and will be amazing with the gardens you are creating. Your Halloween decorations are also amazing. The tree branches were inspired and the pumpkins amazing! I’m the kind of person who turns out all the lights and watches TV in the bedroom with the lights out….but I’m very impressed with your efforts.

    • 8

      Barbara, I think that you are right, all the pictures have been taken from the back. You can see that it sits sideways on the lot to the street. Makes it a bit strange when designing the garden.
      And thank you for all your kind comments.

  5. 9

    Wonderful pictures, your house is beautiful and does look like the Munsters House. I love what you did with the walkway, a ‘halloween allee’ and the pumpkins look great. Very ambitious project, I’m impressed. 🙂

    • 10

      Very insightful Rebecca, noticing the Hallowe’en allee. The pumpkins actually took the least amount of time. Now Ian says we should get twice as many for next year, I think his head was turned by all the nice comments the neighbours made.

  6. 11

    puppyparents said,

    I can’t believe I wasn’t the first comment!! Boo!
    Haha, well, you were right, the pictures ARE better on the big screen! If Owen Sound wasn’t so far from TO (and maybe if I had a car), I would have been one of your trick or treaters!!! Fabulous decor! Now…the hard part will be maintaining the momentum for next year…you guys have a rep to keep!!!

    • 12

      You need to get up pretty early in the morning to be the first! Watch out, always need help up at KG, you might get roped into something!
      Good thing I have a year to dream up something bigger and better!

  7. 13

    Hello Deborah, being my first time in your wonderful blog I want to say that I love each and every corner of your garden, of the work you have been doing in it and also I think your house is incredible beautiful. I red you insist in buying a big piece of land just for making your garden and this is exactly my story, the difference is that my piece of land is in Los Andes mountains which means I don´t have a flat land (excuse my english, please), all my garden is in hills.
    Hope you come to visit me.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

    • 14

      Maria Cecilia, thank you for visiting my blog and your very kind comments.
      It is also nice to have a garden on the hills, although terraces are very expensive to make, but so much more interesting.
      I look forward to visiting your garden.

  8. 15

    Me again, how do I follow you??

  9. 17

    Mary Delle said,

    Your house does look like the one in the photo of your last post. Hmm… So the pumpkins and leaves and staked trees all look so good in front. The house itself is so great. See why you love it.

    • 18

      I couldn’t believe it when I found that spooky picture, how much it looks like our house. When we move up there full time, I will probably go a little over the top, Ian is already dreading it.

  10. 19

    Wendy said,

    First of all, your house is absolutely gorgeous!!

    The branches added such a cool effect and in the dark, it must have been awesome. Were those pumpkins eyeballs? That’s so cool, and such something my husband would do. Great decorations!! You know what? I may try your branches along the walkway as well. That would be a way to keep the kids out of the garden!

    • 20

      Thanks Wendy, they were eyeballs. Ian carved a mouth as well, when it was full dark, we moved the mouth into the centre of the stairs and took a picture. Just two eyes and a mouth shining at you, very spooky. But we had to move the mouth to one side for the trick or treaters.
      I am lucky we haven’t done any gardening at the front yet, no need to keep the kids out of anything. But those branches would work for your garden next year!

  11. 21

    miss m said,

    Gorgeous abode !
    Your decorations were magnificent ! All that hard work ! Lovely !

    Reminds me of the year I really went to town. I staked a branch (like you, but just one. your allee rocks !) next to the porch to attach a giant (painstakingly hand spun) spider web on which I hung over a dozen giant (homemade) spiders. I painted a great big Halloween sign and hung a lifesize (handmade) puppet/doll to greet the trick or treaters. There were carved pumpkins, mood lighting, the works ! Not to mention loads of candy (and not the cheap stuff !) … Turnout ? 6 kids, tops.
    No need to tell you that was the last time … 😛

    ps. The doctor joke is a riot ! He may well have. lol

    • 22

      Miss M, I feel you. We expected 50 kids, according to the neighbours, and got only 20. Better then 6, but still a disappointment. My cobwebs, all so carefully strung out, all went mushy and blobby in the rain. But, I did hide outside to hear some comments from the kids. One kid said it was too scary, but his friend said it was “Way Cool”. I think the fact we only had the lighting from the pumpkins gave it much more atmosphere, however we need more pumpkins to avoid the tripping factor!
      ps. Maybe we need to have a mad doctor hiding in the shrubery, holding an amputated leg! lol

  12. 23

    Michelle said,

    What a great house – it has so much character. Love the Halloween decorations – what fun! Christmas time would be great for decorating also – I look forward to your Christmas deocoration. Greetings from Vancouver Island. Michelle.

    • 24

      Thanks Michelle, and thank you for visiting my blog as well. We are really big on old houses, even though nothing is straight or level, they do have so much more character.
      When we move up there full time, I will go all out, now time is limited to weekends.

  13. 25

    Kiki said,

    You have a super beautiful house!! Love much charm !Great post!!
    What a fun array of photos..felt like i took a stroll..magic!

  14. 27

    Barbara said,

    Well Deborah, did the thought cross your mind that your decorations were so successfully scary and ghoulish that they kept trick or treaters away? Just kidding – it certainly would have enticed me in! What a beautiful house – I didn’t think there were any of those left. Where will your planned farmer’s garden be? Around the back? Just looked at your garden art and allee posts, too, you are amazing.

    • 28

      Barbara, I’m blushing with all those compliments.
      I did wonder if it was too scary for some kids, but a number of people have told me that trick or treating was way down this year.
      I’m glad you like my house, we love it, even though it is too big for the two of us.

  15. 29

    I wish we lived nearby. My kids would have love trick or treating at your spooky house.

  16. 31

    Amazing house. I am truly envious. And with a garden, too. You did a great job Hallowe’enifying it. What fun for the kids who visited.

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