Floral Fantasy: Celosia

What is this?

gardenOct09 011

Doesn’t it look  like an underwater creature, but velvety.

Here is another shot.

gardenOct09 010

And here it is used in a bouquet.

gardenOct09 006

Celosia is a great annual that we are using a lot of lately. It is locally field grown, we start getting in the shop around the first of August and it will go until there is frost. We get two different varities of celosia, the feather (looks like a feather) and the cockscomb, which is my favourite.  Customers are always inquiring what kind of flower this is, they are amazed by the velvety texture.

 The shop is looking very pink these days.

gardenOct09 002

And as always, lovely!


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  1. 1

    catmint said,

    this is a flower which looks like a brain! very dramatic.

  2. 3

    Racquel said,

    It is definitely an interesting flower head. Looks great in the arrangement. 🙂

    • 4

      Racquel, we are always looking for more bang for the buck when designing a bouquet. These can be quite huge, bigger than your fist, and one of the more reasonably priced, long lasting flowers.

  3. 5

    Tatyana said,

    I don’t grow it. It certainly looks good on your pictures. I think I mignt try them next yesr. Thanks!

  4. 7

    What an interesting flower, I’d love to touch it! My first thought was ‘it reminds me of a brain’, but your underwater creature reference is much more appealing. It looks great on its own and in the mixed bouquet. Beautiful orchids, and I love the arrangement in the green glass bottle. 🙂

  5. 9

    miss m said,

    I can understand customers inquiring. I would too. Amazing looking flower. I’d certainly be compelled to touch it, but smell it too. Is it very fragrant ?

  6. 11

    Joanne said,

    What an interesting flower

  7. 13

    Mary Delle said,

    Celosia looks like a lovely plant to try in the garden. What wonderful velvety flowers.

  8. 15

    Wendy said,

    oooh, neat! I think I’m mostly accustomed to the cockscomb type. I like it a lot, but have noticed it in people’s gardens here and there. It can look really nice, but also a little silly depending on how it’s used. I can’t put my finger on how to use it nicely though. I love the celosia you showed in the hydrangea like fashion.

    I believe the cockscomb type is an annual. Is this other type an annual as well? Or at least it’s not hardy in my zone.

    • 16

      Wendy, as far as I know, it is a cockscomb. I only know of 2 types of celosia, the feather or plume and the cockscomb. I do think that you have to use it deep in an arrangement, like a hydrangea, you are right, it would look dumb sticking up in the air!
      This is definately an annual.

  9. 17

    What a unique and different flower. We call it “Kalgha” in local language. Blooming freely these days.

  10. 18

    Hi – I’m planning on being down in your area on Friday and will try to pop by the store. Can’t wait to meet you and see the store, still blushing in pink I hope.

  11. 20

    It is lovely isn’t it, it must be beautiful seeing it flowering freely where you live. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  12. 21

    Deborah, A neighbour with a sunny garden had these in spades last year, and what was most surprising is how statuesque they became and how much the bees *loved* them. The shorter, feathered type gets overused in institutional plantings, and I have seen shorter versions of the cockscomb, too. But these tall fellows were showstoppers.

    • 22

      Helen, I didn’t realize they were so loved by the bees. When we are conditioning them, tons of tiny seeds would fall onto the counter. I should have saved some and found out for myself.

  13. 23

    JeLyKa ♥ said,

    I love celosia! I just got a bought of them from a road side stand, and they are absoltuely amazing, but what I MUST know is what is that gorgeous pink/orange flower in the second to last picture, it’s GIANT and so beautiful I’ve never seen a flower like that but I’ve drawn them all my life, I MUST KNOW! (the stunning bright flower right under the celosia and lillies) p.s. I love how you incorporate kale into your arrangements, such flare, really truly amazing pieces! I would love to see what else you have at your shop!

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