Floral Fantasy: Sunflowers, Part II

A lot of sunflowers at the shop lately.

gardenAug09 025

The shop looking gorgeous.

gardenAug09 036

A sunflower arrangement.

We have a longer season for sunflowers than we do for dahlias. We can buy imported sunflowers, but they are always more expensive. Sometimes, it the petals on the sunflower are wilted, or spotty, I will pull off all the petals, just leaving the seedhead in the middle. People are always surprised, and tell me they never would have thought of that!


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  1. 1

    Wendy said,

    I envy the fact that you work in a flower shop. I really need to learn how to arrange flowers. The only think I know how to do it put a bunch of daffs in a ball jar, or put a single stem of something in a little glass. I can’t handle much more than that. I love all the fall flowers and seedheads. I bet the sunflower is really pretty with the petals stripped.

  2. 2

    Wendy, what a dummy I am, I should have put a stripped sunflower in the arrangement so you could see, it is very pretty. The centre is very long lasting compared to the yellow petals.
    Working in a flower shop is actually a lot of fun and much more physical then people expect. My husband is always surprised at how strong I am!

  3. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    Yes, I too am envious of your job, though it’s probably a lot harder than one thinks it is. I love that you get to rescue the unwanted plants and transform your property at the same time.

    • 4

      Hi Barbara, Welcome back.
      I was actually surprised at what hard work it was, when I first started. Lugging around heavy buckets of water, being on your feet all day was physically demanding, but being creative on demand and dealing with the “public” was mentally demanding. But I love it.
      I am very happy to provide a “retirement home” to those plants that have been “retired” from the shop.

  4. 5

    Your store looks amazing…where is it? would love to drop by and see it sometime.

    Your idea for the sunflowers is a terrific idea for “recycling” something. Don’t envy your job, especially during the holidays like Valentines and Mothers Day. Owned a wedding cake business for a while. People always thought it sounded so glamorous – I think the floral business is the same – alot of hard work to create something beautiful.

  5. 6

    Deborah, Beautiful arrangement. Even the single varieties grouped in vases is striking. Sort of like the “mass planting” approach I’m thinking of using in my garden — only yours is much more colourful. Is this shop in Toronto? It doesn’t look like your former Beacher location.

  6. 7

    Well I really like your sunflowers with the berries. I’ve got some Nandina berries and I’ll do an arrangement tomorrow. Just beautiful

  7. 8

    Thank you for the compliment. The berries are high bush cranberry, but any red berry would look great! Please post a picture of your arrangement.

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