The Potting Shed

I want this potting shed.  I have worked in 5  flower shops and/or garden centres and have never seen anything so well organized.  You feel like you could stand in one spot and just move a hand to get anything that you might need.

This “potting shed”, really a corner of her garage, belongs to Lois of No Rhyme, No Reason Garden.

She saves everything, part of a farm mentality, (this is why it took so long to move my dad) because you never know when you are going to need it.

kingston2009 150


Notice all the gardening gloves, neatly stacked up where you want them  and the cell packs on the shelf, in the top left corner.

kingston2009 151

Wow, my pots are thrown on the garage floor, maybe I should tidy them up, and sort for size, now that the season is almost over.  Do you see the sap bucket she has hanging on the shelf. Perfect for stakes.

kingston2009 152

The potting bench, have to have one of these.  Do you notice in the corner, the rack she has with all her plant tags neatly organized.

kingston2009 154

Another view, sorry I love this shot.

kingston2009 153

Sorry, it is a bit dark  Her potting soil goes in this bin, then she can just wheel it to where ever she needs it.  Need a bit of water in first?  Just add it in the large and waterproof bin, and then it is easy to stir  (no mess going all over the kitchen floor, not that I do that, no way). And she has a view of the driveway, so she can see if someone arrives, and can open the door for ventilation and easy access.

kingston2009 149

Another shot of the wheelbarrow collection, just what every gardener wants. My wheelbarrow always seems to be full of something when I need it. Or you are ripping out turf and want to shake the topsoil into one, while you pile the sod into the other to be wheeled away.  Then your dear husband need not stand there and watch you work (his favourite hobby)!

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  1. 1

    fairegarden said,

    Oh my goodness!!! That is the neatest potting area ever, I love the solution for all those gloves, looks like a mail holder. I might even have one of those somewhere. All the pots and cells are so neatly stacked, and that rolling bin is pure genius, but all those wheelbarrows! I almost fainted when that shot scrolled up! I cannot keep the tires pumped with air of my two. Now I know what needs doing around here, organization! 🙂

  2. 2

    Frances, the interesting thing is Lois didn’t even know that we would be taken into her garage, that means she keeps it like that all the time, could she be any more organized! I have to get into my garage and sort/stack my pots, it is starting to creep out from the wall and take up too much space. Or. I can justify it and say I need a shelf to put them on, I can’t do anything until I get that!

  3. 3

    Oh dear, I’m breathless just looking at this wonderful space – my potting “corner” is really only a couple of shelves in an otherwise jumbled mess in the pool pumphouse. The rolling soil bin is an exceptional idea – so much better than lugging wheelbarrows of topsoil around the yard.
    Can’t get over that it’s that neat unannounced – can’t even find my gardening gloves right now.
    I’m inspired.

  4. 4

    I’m glad that you are inspired, Heather, Lois has inspired me as well. I love her work bench, everything that you might need is there. Imagine, finding a pair of scissors when you need them, madness!

  5. 5

    teresa said,

    I want to live there. That is what I always plan to have…in my dreams. My pots are on the garage floor too! Mess in the kitchen sink, never! She is truly an inspiration of how life ought to be!Thanks for showing her work area. I will be showing it to my husband tomorrow. Hey a girl can dream can’t she?

  6. 7

    Grace said,

    Well, this is a bit more elaborate than my work spaces. I’m more interested in spending money on plants so I’m lucky to have one decent pair of gloves. My empty nursery pots are tossed into a burgeoning 33 gal. garbage can. My soil, in an adjacent can. This is about as organized as I can be. But I’m blissfully ignorant.

    Kudos to the owner of this work space.

    • 8

      Lois is very organized, she needs to be as she pots up hundreds of plants for her sale. Then she takes this money and buys more plants.
      For me, Loblaws has a program for returning empty pots. If you take back 25 you get a $5.00 gift certificate towards purchases at their garden centre. I clean out the garage and get something free!
      Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you soon.

  7. 9

    Heckety said,

    Totally agree! I so want one of those! At present it only takes one dog to wag his tail and all my pots hit the floor to be chewed at leisure by dog’s brother. Is it ok to drool over a perfect potting shed d’you think???

  8. 10

    Hi Heckety, did you not see the wet spots on the floor of the potting shed, that was my drool. At least it is just a plastic pot that your dog is chewing, much less important than a pair of shoes!
    Thank you for coming to visit.

  9. 11

    Racquel said,

    That is one organized & tidy garden shed! I wish I could say the same of mine. 😉

  10. 13

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