Are they havin’ a laugh? Are you havin’ a laugh?


Look at all the free Hydrangea!

Look at all the free Hydrangea!


Please forgive me the title. I am a huge Ricky Gervais fan (this line is always stuck in my head) and thought that he was just brilliant in “Extras”.



We were up at Kilbourne Grove this weekend and the hydrangea that I told you about here, are just starting to flower.  As you could see from the picture, when I planted them they all were blue, leftovers from Easter. (OK, there was one pink and one white in there, but I planted them in a different spot).

Now, they are lovely mixed tones. From blue, to lavender, purple and hot pink, even a bit of magenta. (you can tell I am a florist, we love our colours!)  I know that the soil, which is alkaline, influences the colour the hydrangea will bloom. 

 gardenAug09 058

Please ignore the weeds, allium seed heads (which I kind of like), and the muscari foliage. That has hung on longer then expected and looks very weedy. I think that I might have to plant something over top to hide it and make the edge look neater.

gardenAug09 075

gardenAug09 062


gardenAug09 050

These are leftovers that I couldn’t fit in following my very carefully spaced plan. However, a colleague at work had a  brilliant idea, double up on the hydrangea. She said “Why wait for them to fill in? and I agree. In the spring I am going to double up on the planting scheme,  planting in a zig zag design. I don’t think the hydrangea will ever get that big in Owen Sound, after all its not B.C. or England. And if it gets to crowded, I can pull out the extra.  With 3/4 of an acre of “nothing” they can always find a home.

gardenAug09 060

 These 3 hydrangea, are my oldest, these were planted in a holding bed in the summer of 2006 and moved to the Lime Walk last autumn. You can see that they are getting taller (aprox 3′) but the shorter ones have more flowers. Hopefully this was due to the move, and not anything else! If all of my hydrangeas go this colour, I will be more then happy.

gardenAug09 064

This one is my favourite of all the colours, it is looking a bit washed out in the picture (must improve camera skills), but in real life it is a lovely purple.


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    Great colours – such a nice change from all the Annabelle’s which seem to be taking over my neighbourhood. I have a lovely pink hydrangea “Venice” from the Cityline collection – bought it at Loblaws.

    Nice to see that the Easter flowers weren’t thrown out with the Easter eggs.

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