Be Careful What You Wish For!

Last week, Helen at Toronto Gardens commented on a post of mine, and mentioned that the Humidex was going to be over 40 that weekend.  I responded with the fact that it is cooler in Owen Sound and  there is “lots of breeze off Georgian Bay”.

Well, I found out to my cost that there is.  Sunday night, at around 7 p.m., the “breeze” started.  It got heavier and heavier.  Winds reached up to 96 kilometers an hour at Pearson airport, but I swear, they were worse in Owen Sound. Hydro One reported that Owen Sound, as well as Guelph and Newmarket were hit particularly hard.

I know Kilbourne Grove was hit particularly hard.  Ian and I had just been congratulating ourselves on all the large old trees on the property.  We counted 10, just in the middle of the garden, but there is many, many more on the boundaries of the property. It makes such a huge difference in the temperature of the house when it is hot and sunny outside.

This is what happened, (please forgive the photographs, I was inside as it was driving rain outside, and it got dark, before it stopped. We left Monday morning at 3 a.m., so I do not have better pictures.)

 gardenAug09 134

The biggest tree at Kilbourne Grove

The biggest tree at Kilbourne Grove


I’m so sad


Here is another, (I am not sure what that “special effect” is in the corner)

gardenAug09 135

And this is how it used to be

gardenAug09 118


The smaller tree is not a problem, it fell on our property and I have not planted anything in that area, so it can wait. However, the larger tree was about 4 feet from the property line fell onto the neighbour behind us, it cannot wait.  It is very difficult to get someone to respond to phone calls, I am sure that the tree services in Owen Sound are very busy, we are not the only people to have problems, (unfortunately for our neighbours). We are not sure if there is damage to the house, until the tree comes out, so we are up in the air for now.  Cross your fingers.


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