A Good Thing?

Forgive the “garden rant”, but did anyone read the “Ever-Blooming Lilac Wars” article by Anne Kingston in the July 27th issue of MACLEANS magazine?
I don’t know how I feel about the reblooming lilac that Proven Winners is releasing this spring. Part of the beauty and joy of gardening is looking forward to the next thing in your garden, isn’t change a great joy in life? If you want things to stay the same, you might as well plant all annuals. It used to be that you could tell what time of year it was by looking in the garden. Peonies-June, Heliopsis- August. This gave a rhythm to your life, I’m not saying everyone should garden the same, that would be boring, but why can’t we just enjoy the season.

Did you not appreciate strawberries more when you could only get them once a year? You ate them till you got sick of them and that was it till the following year (unless you froze of preserved them).

What is wrong with living seasonal? Why is everyone into “instant gratification”?  Want raspberries in December, you can buy them.  Want lilac in September, you can buy it.

I am always slightly weary of something if it stays around too long. The first time I bought a phalaenopsis orchid  home it stayed in flower for 4 months. After a while, I did not even notice it, it might as well have been plastic for all I appreciated it after a while.
Maybe it is because I am a floral designer, but I am always ready to go on to the next thing. I can’t imagine how terrible it would be to work with the same flowers all year.
So for me it is not a good thing!



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    All I can say about anything labelled “everblooming” or even “Proven Winners” is that applying a label does not necessarily make it so. As a copywriter, I speak with knowledge of the deep, dark recesses of the marketing industry. In the same way, “chocolatey” might contain no trace of actual chocolate. Your seasons could be safe.

    • 2

      Helen, you are absolutely right, there have been many claims over the years that have not panned out, and people have just forgot about them. Thank you for coming to take a look at my garden, no excuse me, I have to go and eat some fresh Ontario peaches.

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