Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I was just reading Yvonne Cunnington’s blog over at the Country Gardener and she has posted the Agriculture Canada map of Ontario’s precipitation for April 1-July 30, 2009.  Owen Sound is in the very high area.

Now, I already knew this as every weekend that my husband and I visited our house, it was either raining, had just rained, or was to rain the next day.  As it takes me four hours to cut the grass, never mind the edging, there became a problem.  I never had a four hour window of time.  Consequently, I was only able to get around the house cut on a consistent basis (so the neighbours won’t run us out of town) and the “back 40” didn’t get cut.  This went on all summer, until our holidays two weeks ago. 

By this time, farmers had already cut for hay, and my hay field (as it was now), could have competed with the best of them.  I had to angle the lawn mower up on its back wheels, and slowly lower the front over the thigh high grass. 

The Hayfield

The Hayfield

I certainly didn’t take any pictures of this deliberately, but I noticed that in the background of Ian planting the yew hedge, that you can see it, and this was two rain filled weeks before I cut it.  My mother in law wants me to hire a neighbourhood kid to cut it while we are gone all week, but having been a kid myself, I don’t think that I can find one willing to spend 4 hours, not to mention being careful, not to drive over any of my “precious”.  As long as the neighbours don’t take up a petition to evict us from the “hood, we will continue the way we have. And just hope next year, isn’t as rainy!


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