The Red Baron

Wow!  Witness the power of light!

Japanese Blood Grass is quite lovely, starting the season green with red tips but colouring more intensely during the summer.

It gets to be 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide. Hardy from zone 5, it grows in sun or partial shade, but the colour is more intense in sun.

It does spread very slowly though, so be patient. 

gardenjune09 008

 But the real reason you grow it is,

gardenjuly09 075

That says it all, doesn’t it!

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  1. 1

    miss m said,

    Flaunt that lovely zone fiver in my face why don’t you … ! 😛 ’tis gorgeous !
    My yard definitely needs more grasses but all the interesting varieties I’ve seen in the past have always been 5 and up, so at one point, I just stopped looking. I shifted back into search mode recently and finally found a few to my liking ! (There seems to be more variety out there nowadays for us poor zone 4 dejects). I can’t wait to get some in !

    • 2

      Sorry!!!!! I must admit I love living in Zone 5, although a 6 or 7 would be even better. There is something about 2 feet of snow (a big, fluffy duvet) on top of your plants that can help you “ignore” the zones. Patrick Lima, a famous garden author, overwinters agapanthus in his garden in Tobermory. All due to snow cover.

  2. 3

    miss m said,

    With some extra TLC, I sometimes get away with Zone 5 plants and have in the past. And yes, snow is a great isolator, but if that was the only factor then we’d be able to grow anything, wouldn’t we ? We’ve a record snowfall these last two years and I have 2 honeysuckles, one of which is Zone 5 and it has had the hardest time coming back this year. I love Agapanthus ! (Surely Patrick has the zone 5 variety).

    I’ll tell ya, there’s a world of difference between 4 and 5 as far a selection goes. (Probably more than 5 and 6). Personally, I dream of zone 6 🙂 but would settle for 5 any time ! (Sadly, I’m just an hour away from Montreal (Zone 5) but to the NorthWest, in a mountainous area, hence the zone loss but I’d rather suffer in zone 4 than go back to MTL ! :P)

    • 4

      There has been record snowfalls in Owen Sound as well. Every year the neighbours say that this is the worst winter ever. We have been through 4 winters so far, how can every one be the worst ever. Is this global warming? Ian loves it though, he is snowboarding at Blue Mountain every weekend.

  3. 5

    Carol said,

    I just wanted to say I love your gardens. We just bought a house that really needs some TLC. Went out yesterday and bought some Japanese Blood Grass. I sure hope it grows.

    • 6

      Carol, I just love the blood grass. Are you in the Lake Huron region? I grows for me in Owen Sound (obviously, lol). Thank you for the lovely compliment on my garden and visiting my blog.

  4. 7

    Carol said,

    Wow kilbournegrove…….been looking at your pictures and I love what you have done with your place,

  5. 9

    Carol said,

    Your welcome kilbournegrove. Actually we live just a little south east of Owen Sound. I planted the grass on the east side of the house. It seems to be growing …(fingers crossed) I love it ! We are getting some sweet grass tomorrow , to plant in the back garden. I love the smell of it. Are you right in Owen Sound? Sorry not trying to be nosy , just wondered. Take care….

    • 10

      Carol, I am right in (downtown) Owen Sound, on the west side. I love it, can walk to Timmies (choice of 2) in 7 minutes, not like I timed it, lol. I am still learning about the city, and what is happening. Everytime we arrive, 3 hours of lawn cutting, takes a big bite out of the weekend.

  6. 11

    lynne said,

    Still working on eradicating the problematic jasmine vine that had gone feral in this garden when I moved in, and dreaming of the garden I will have once the vine is dealt to.
    Japanese Blood Grass is on my list of must-haves. As are hostas, gaura, penstemons and white lacecap hydrangeas.
    Sigh. I will get there… eventually… :-/

  7. 13

    Those are absolutely STUNNING. 😀

  8. 15

    mossandivy said,

    A wonderful blog, so glad I found you!

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