The House

Ian decided to check out my blog at work the other day after he realized that someone he knew (Hi Kaaren) had looked at it.  He was horrified to realize that you could see a picture of the neighbours (we call it the Deliverance house) behind us and people would think that it is our house.

So just to clarify matters, I thought that I would post a picture of the house, only to realise that I do not have one.  All my pictures have been of the more important (to me anyway) garden, and I am in Toronto at the moment so I going to post the only one that I can find. 


The House

The House


This picture was taken from the other end of what will be the Lime Walk, looking towards our house.  As you can see, this was taken before the linden trees were planted and our muscari that I wrote about in Free Plants Are Great are in bloom.  If you feel compelled to check out the Deliverance house click here


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  1. 1

    puppyparents said,

    LOL. Do you ever hear banjo music late in the night?

  2. 2

    miss m said,

    I thought the post was funny enough, but pp’s comment made me rofl even more !

  3. 3

    She is one witty girl our pp.

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