Stairway to Heaven

Look at these steps, aren’t they amazing!  Or maybe it is my banker husband (and I mention that he is a banker because that generally equals not handy) who is amazing!  When I think that he can’t do something, he changes my mind with a vengeance.  They are even more perfect then I could have wanted. 



Every time we dug a hole to plant, it seemed that we found bricks, or rocks or cement.  We would pile these up at the side of the garage (sorry neighbours), and we began to collect a huge pile.  I just knew that there would be a use for them, but what?

As our property backs onto the Niagara Escarpment, there is a ton of water that rolls down onto our property during the spring melt.  The previous owners had got some advice and put in two swales, running at right angles from one another.  They are at the very back of the property line and there is a 4 foot berm in front of them from the house.  Wishing some privacy from the house behind us we planted a hedge of cedars on the top of that berm.  But behind the hedge there is about 5 feet of space to the property line, and we gardeners do not want to give up a square foot of our space (unless you have acres and acres).  This has become a handy space to keep leaves to turn into leaf mould,  and I am sure that I will dream up a multitude of uses.  However it became very difficult to get up to and behind the hedge.  At last, here was a use for all our piled up rocks/cement.  



First all the large pieces had to be wheelbarrowed over to the construction site, this equalled a few curses and whining on my part of “you know I’m only a girl right”.  Generally, I thought that I was very patient.  
Then these all had to be fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, which I USED to be quite fond of.  There was a lot of “go get me that piece, now” and  “where is the level” and “that weed needs to be dug out before I can go any further”.  You get the idea.


Then all that remained was sweeping limestone screening into the cracks to help the stones settle in together, this is my favorite part, (that is besides testing them by running from top to bottom).   



I dug up a few ostrich ferns from my dads and will plant them around the steps. When they grow and the periwinkle fills in you will think that they had always been there.  Now I am off to dream up another project for my clever husband to tackle.








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  1. 1

    puppyparents said,

    Way to go Ian!
    Who knew bankers could be so useful for stuff besides numbers, taxes and investments?! Although perhaps this was an investment in the happiness of your wife?!

  2. 2

    Barbara H. said,

    These steps are absolutely beautiful! Very jealous. I started from the beginning of yours posts tonight and have made it this far, but may have to go to bed soon. What an amazing amount of work you have done. I’m very impressed with your “bones”!

  3. 3

    Barbara, What a treaure you are with your kind comments. I was so happy with the job that Ian did on these stairs. Now I am on the lookout for more broken concrete. I can always use another staircase!
    Thank you for going back to read my (ongoing) story about my garden. The creation of a garden is what I find the most interesting in other peoples blogs.

  4. 4

    miss m said,

    No matter how long it takes or how much work it is, building a garden has got to be one of the most pleasurable and rewarding things in the world.
    Your steps look great ! Well done.

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