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Tree Peony

Tree Peony

A year after my mum died, my father decided to sell the house.  I really wanted something from my mothers garden as a ‘living memorial’, but the house was closing in March.  This really limited what I could choose. Most of the perennials were not showing.  But the snowdrops that my mum had originally got from my grandmothers garden were in flower and I could see where the tree peonys were.  Even though it was really early in the season, I decided to dig them up.  I figured that I was losing  them anyway, so if they didn’t make it , I was losing them anyway. 
So, I dug them up as well as a vast quantityof snowdrops and helped move my father.  The next day, I had to plant them in the ground.  My parents had been living in Niagara (the banana belt) and my house is in Owen Sound.  In order to plant the peonys and snowdrops. I had to remove 6″ of snow off the raised garden beds.  Luckily, the soil was really soft under its fluffy, white blanket and I proceeded to plant.
Things went well, they flowered a month later and were a lovely light and dark striped pink.  Unfortunately, that fall, I ran out of time and did not have a chance to move them into a garden bed.
This year, you can see what happened.   I now have a scarlet hussy living in my garden.  I do not know what happened, if this is from the graft of the tree peony, or if my mother is playing a joke on me, but she is luscious, like scarlet silk.
But, I definitely have to move her this fall, and we will see what she decides she wants to be next year.

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