I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!


Red Dragon, $20 size

Red Dragon, $20 size

I bought another Japanese Maple today, how can your say no to a $20 red cutleaf weeping beauty.  It is another “Red Dragon” so that makes two.  I am hoping to plant them up in matching pots (probably terra cotta) and flank the garage at Kilbourne Grove, or on the terrace in Toronto. 


Red Dragon $30 size

Red Dragon $30 size


 I was reading Margaret Roach’s blog “A Way To Garden” and she overwinters hers in her unheated garage. She just wheels them in and ignores them.  Towards the end of the winter, when the soil starts to thaw, she will give them a drink or two.  When I lived in Kingston, I had a very small  Japanese maple in a 6″ terra cotta pot.  I would dig a hole in the garden and sink the pot.  When it warmed up in the spring, I would lift the pot and place it on my porch.  This went on for a few years till I moved to England and I gave it away.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) as the case may be, these are too large to be digging a hole.  So I plan on trying Margaret Roach’s method and crossing my fingers that it works just as well for me.

I forgot to mention the green weeper “Waterfall” that I bought on Fathers Day.  Not for my father, he kills them, but for me!!!  I repeat, how can you say no for $20.00. cutleaf weeping beauty. 

I realized after I looked at my Japanese maples again that my red Dragons are two different sizes.  My first I bought for $30.00  When you look at them, it was the better buy, the stem is much thicker, in comparison, the $20 is only a whip.

And how about “Waterfall”, isn’t he a pretty boy?  As much as I love burgandy/red foliage, it is nice to have a contrast every once in a while and this is it.  He got a little sunburnt, as Loblaws had him right out in the scorching sun, but other then that he is in good shape.




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