Are they crazy? Or just confused!

I was looking around my garden the other day and noticed something white shining in the kitchen garden. There looking quite lovely were 2 helleborus plants in flower. 


Do they not realize that it is the end of June. They are supposed to be flowering the end of April or early May. There is a heat wave this week, but one of the earliest flowering perennials was out shaking its thing.
Now to be fair to Mr Helleborus, they were brought into flower early. These were forced pots that didn’t sell back in March at the flower shop. Once again, I scooped them up(15 of them) and babied them until I could dig in the garden. I like to keep plants that have been forced in the kitchen garden for a year, so I can baby them while they bulk up, then I will move them to where I want them.


And his brother

Helleborus have been terribly trendy the last few years, but quite expensive.   I have lusted after them for quite a while, but could never bring myself to devote a significant portion of my garden budget to just one plant.  After all “so many plants, so little space, money” you take your pick. They have certainly come down in price the last few years and now everybody and their brother is selling them.  While we had them, Sobeys was also offering them for sale, so they must be cheap when the grocery stores can carry them. Are they propagating them a different way now? I remember how expensive  phalaenopsis orchids were for years, when the nurseries went to tissue culture, they dropped drastically in price. Is this what is happening with the lovely helleborus?


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