A rose by any other name

When I was setting up my blog the wordpress site asked me for a blog name and a user name. Our house in Owen Sound is called Kilbourne Grove after the Kilbourne family that built it and lived there for a number of years. The Grove is in homage to living in Westbourne Grove in London,  we thought that this would be a nice play on words.  I did not realize that kilbourne grove would be the address that everyone (thanks Janus) reading the blog would find it by. I thought that it would show up under Green Theatre, but now I am stuck with it.
Not that that’s bad, it is just different that what I thought.
When I was bored at work today, I googled “Green Theatre” to see if it would bring up my blog. It did, finally on page 17.  But it brought up Encyclopedia Britannica’s definition first, and I thought that it was an apt description of what I would like to achieve. It reads,
“Planting, usually of evergreens, designed to provide accommodation for outdoor theatrics.”
Not that I’m planning on producing Macbeth in my garden, But I am hoping to have more than a few parties in it. And I think that all the garden walls that I am putting up will make for a pretty good game of hide and go seek. How theatrical is that!


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    miss m said,

    I call you Kilbourne Grove all the time ! Did it today again … 😦

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