Free Plants Are Great, Part 2

It definitely pays to work where you can get free plants. 

 When we bought this house there was practically nothing on the property.  We moved in on a Victoria Day weekend and there was nothing but a lovely, but horribly overgrown bank of white lilac.  But after a few weeks, I noticed the sod being pushed up behind the house. The previous owner had laid sod right over the original plants. They were nothing spectacular, some orange daylilys, purple iris and 2 peonies, but they were the only perennials on the property. Now, I am only telling you this, so you realize just how many plants it will take to fill 3/4 of an acre.  Every time we had moved before, I was always able to dig up some plants and take them with me.  This time, we moved to England, so I had to leave everything behind.

So anytime I can score free plants at work, it doesn’t matter whether or not I like them, or if they are hardy, I take them.

My next addition to my “Lime Walk”, was leftover blue hydrangea from Easter.  Now, I had tested these “florist” hydrangeas before, they had lived (and flowered) the 2 previous winters.  Owen Sound gets a ton of snow in the winter and it sure does make a great blanket.  I planted these in a line behind the muscari.  If they make it great, if they don’t, it fills in the spot until I can afford to replace them.

Look at all the free Hydrangea!
Look at all the free Hydrangea!

I am sure that I should be planting “Endless Summer”  hydrangea instead of these florist ones, but even if they only keep the weeds away for the time being, it is worth it!


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    […] were up at Kilbourne Grove this weekend and the hydrangea that I told you about here, are just starting to flower.  As you could see from the picture, when I planted them they all […]

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    miss m said,

    I can relate to finding treasure (as you know !). 3/4 of an acre is a tall order to fill, for sure, so way to go on the perennials ! As for scoring free plants at work, now that just makes me totally jealous. 😛

  3. 5

    […] My ‘free’ hydrangeas are really settling into their space and starting to fill out. […]

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