Doors Open

The Steps to the Italian Garden

Doors Open was in Owen Sound 2 week ends ago and I paid another visit to the “More Estate”.  The owner Barry More, has been inspired by European style gardening (much like I have) and has spent the last 30 or 40 years carving out an “estate”. 

He has done all this himself on his family farm, and I doubt he is finished yet.


The property has 15 acres of formal flower gardens, and a cedar maze (which I didn’t go into this time as the mosquitoes are truly annoying).



The House


He added this addition on to the back of the original home.  It is based on a Georgian design and took him 10 years to build.

The Versailles Garden

 He has cast all the concrete  ornaments himself from moulds, and poured the concrete edges to the garden.  This makes a nice mowing strip and certainly helps in the maintenance of such a huge garden.

It is astonishing  to think that he has never been outside of North America and has got all his inspiration from books and magazines.  Truly an amazing man!


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  1. 1

    miss m said,

    OMG ! I’m in awe. Although my style is informal, formal gardens make me go limp. I LOVE them. (In re to your first post, I can totally relate to being torn between the two !)
    And here’s a man, a Canadian, in Owen Sound, who’s pulled it off brilliantly … from books ! Amazing.

  2. 2

    Miss M, I am in love with this garden (and house). I have been there, three years in a row and have taken hundreds of pictures. Every little detail has been recorded by my camera. I actually want a formal garden at Kilbourne Grove.
    It is hard to believe that one man accomplished this, I better get my butt in gear!

  3. 3

    Brian Slemming said,

    I am interested in the picture you have of Barry More’s “Georgian” Mansion.

    Some years ago I wrote an article for Canadian Homes and Cottages about Barry.

    You can find it by Googling Barry’s Folly.

    I would appreciate talking to you about the picture, so if you could e mail me I will give further details.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you

    Brian Slemming

  4. 5

    Lynnette said,

    i would love to have my wedding here

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