Lime Walk

Well, I finally added my “Lime” trees to my walk.  I had a very hard time finding someone who would sell me the small trees that I would need. I am going to attempt to “pleach” my trees.  I have long admired this look in some of my gardening books and when I was living in England, it was quite common.


Tillia cordata "Greenspire"
Tilia cordata “Greenspire”


This is essentially a raised hedge. Trees are planted very close together and are only allowed to grow in a straight line. 

I planted 2 rows of 6 Tilia cordata “GreenSpire” 7  feet apart.My first branches will start at 6 feet, then 8  feet, and the last at 10 feet.

These are backed with a cedar hedge (or what will be).

The only window that looks into the garden from the house is the kitchen window (or I should say the best view).  The way the house is situated on the lot is sideways to the street, so the bay window in the front parlour faces our neighbour and the bay window in the library faces the street, so the kitchen is the only window with a view.  I definitely wanted to have something to look at while I am doing the constant dishes that life seems to entail. So I planned this vista.

I have planted another row of cedars in the front of the maple tree so I can place a large urn or a statue for a focal point at the end of the walk. This will give an ending to the walk.


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    miss m said,

    Pleaching !!! I love it ! How long do you figure before it really takes shape ?

    • 2

      I am hoping to put up some kind of frame to train it to next year, and maybe the year after that the bottom tier will be tall enough to start. The first branch will start at 6 feet high.

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    […] This picture was taken from the other end of what will be the Lime Walk, looking towards our house.  As you can see, this was taken before the linden trees were planted and our muscari that I wrote about in Free Plants Are Great are in bloom.  If you feel compelled to check out the Deliverance house click here.  […]

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