Free Plants Are Great!

  1. muscari in Lime Walk

    muscari in Lime Walk

    Who doesn’t like to score free plants? Are you not just adding up in your mind, how much this would cost you if you had to pay for them. Last spring , the flower shop where I work had to throw out 4 flats of 4″ pots of muscari. They hadn’t sold and we needed the space for fresh stock. Since almost everyone that I work with is in an apartment, these would have been thrown out. But, thanks to me buying a house, I could take advantage of this bonus and take them home to plant.

 I had long admired pictures of Rosemary Vereys Barnsley House garden. In one area of the garden she has a ribbon of muscari in front of some shrubs. I thought I would like to repeat this effect. I had already laid out 2 long beds, broken by 2 crossing paths. This is what I am calling my “Lime Walk”. After outlining the beds with bricks, I laid down a thick layer of cardboard and newspaper and then filled with top soil.  This made it extremely easy to plant the muscari in a line right at the edge of the bed.

As you can see from the picture, despite these being forced bulbs, they flowered well. This is just the first year, each year this will get thicker and will look like a blue ribbon.  It is a view that I can admire when I am doing the dishes(almost makes it worth it).


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    gwendolyngarden said,

    Muscari are wonderful– they always make me think of the Keukenhof with its rivers of muscari. What a wonderful thing for a lime walk, limes/lindens are one of my favorite trees. Can’t wait to see pictures!

    • 2

      That was exactly where I got the idea from, also Rosemary Verey had it in her garden as well. I am a bit nervous of the Lindens after reading your post about the Japanese Beetles loving them, but I do not even know what they are. What do they look like? Perhaps we do not have them in Ontario.

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    […] can see, this was taken before the linden trees were planted and our muscari that I wrote about in Free Plants Are Great are in bloom.  If you feel compelled to check out the Deliverance house click […]

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