It is a new world!

I have been a gardener and a floral designer for over twenty years and I never felt the need to “expose” myself.  I have been keeping a hand written garden journal, but I would find myself writing enthusiastically in the spring, only to peter out by mid summer.  A few weeks ago, I finally got a digital camera and decided to keep a garden journal on my computer and add in the pictures as I take them. This has been amazing!  Not that I know what I am doing. 

My husband and I have moved a few times over the years and I have tried to keep a record of all the changes in my garden over the years. It is amazing to look back, you forget how much you have accomplished. 

We now have a new house in Owen Sound with 3/4 of an acre. When we bought there 3 years ago it was all lawn, with a shrubbery around the edge of the property.  I would like to share our journey as we try to change that.

My garden style is a bit like my sign, Gemini, and I find I am torn in two different directions.  I am a floral designer and love flowers, so I can never be without them.  However, we lived in England for a few years and I love very formal and green gardens as well.  The English are a master of topiary and garden rooms and this is what I want to accomplish in my new garden.

To complicate things  further, this is a weekend home as my husband and I live in the tiniest condo in Toronto.  I have very limited time when we go to our house and with all that lawn and no riding lawnmower, it takes me 3-4 hours to cut the grass. Luckily our neighbours are understanding when it doesn’t get done every weekend. Our goal is to get the “bones” of the garden in first as they take the longest to grow (and especially as we can only afford the small ones).  Hopefully, next time I will have some pictures of what we have accomplished so far.


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