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Let There Be Light…

Usually, I would be happy to see some sunlight in the garden, but not this time. I designed the whole Lime Walk around the shade in the garden. There is two 75 foot long rows of hydrangeas  that were planted two years ago. They have been doing very well, especially this summer, but when the maple tree in the back lost 1/3 of its canopy, (you can read about why that happened here)  this happened…

gardenSept09 085

You probably cannot see it from this picture, but the hydrangeas are looking a little shocky, hopefully that is just temporary. Next years when they leaf out into a more sunlit world, they might just decide they like it.

If not, well, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

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Are they havin’ a laugh? Are you havin’ a laugh?


Look at all the free Hydrangea!

Look at all the free Hydrangea!


Please forgive me the title. I am a huge Ricky Gervais fan (this line is always stuck in my head) and thought that he was just brilliant in “Extras”.



We were up at Kilbourne Grove this weekend and the hydrangea that I told you about here, are just starting to flower.  As you could see from the picture, when I planted them they all were blue, leftovers from Easter. (OK, there was one pink and one white in there, but I planted them in a different spot).

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Floral Fantasy: Peonies

This is an arrangement I made at work the other day.  Florists love peony season, they are huge (the flower, not the florist-mostly!) and will give you a good focal point in an arrangement for a fairly inexpensive price.  We are always looking for more bang for the buck!

A Garden Arrangment

A Garden Arrangment

This arrangement was made in a clear glass cylinder vase and includes peonies, green hydrangeas, roses and dahlias.   I needed some extra greenery so I cut a few fronds from a fern.  The style of the shop where I work is very low and lush, we do mostly corporate work, so they must fit easily on a desk.  With a low vase, you have less chance of tipping the vase and ruining your keyboard.  And that’s a good thing!

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Free Plants Are Great, Part 2

It definitely pays to work where you can get free plants. 

 When we bought this house there was practically nothing on the property.  We moved in on a Victoria Day weekend and there was nothing but a lovely, but horribly overgrown bank of white lilac.  But after a few weeks, I noticed the sod being pushed up behind the house. The previous owner had laid sod right over the original plants. They were nothing spectacular, some orange daylilys, purple iris and 2 peonies, but they were the only perennials on the property. Now, I am only telling you this, so you realize just how many plants it will take to fill 3/4 of an acre.  Every time we had moved before, I was always able to dig up some plants and take them with me.  This time, we moved to England, so I had to leave everything behind.

So anytime I can score free plants at work, it doesn’t matter whether or not I like them, or if they are hardy, I take them.

My next addition to my “Lime Walk”, was leftover blue hydrangea from Easter.  Now, I had tested these “florist” hydrangeas before, they had lived (and flowered) the 2 previous winters.  Owen Sound gets a ton of snow in the winter and it sure does make a great blanket.  I planted these in a line behind the muscari.  If they make it great, if they don’t, it fills in the spot until I can afford to replace them.

Look at all the free Hydrangea!
Look at all the free Hydrangea!

I am sure that I should be planting “Endless Summer”  hydrangea instead of these florist ones, but even if they only keep the weeds away for the time being, it is worth it!

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